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BUMG 112 – Introduction to Business and Management (3)

Business orientation to accounting, economic, finance, information system, legal, human resource, management, marketing and operations concepts. Also addresses entrepreneurism, business literature, personal finance, and professionalism. Designed to provide business and non-business students with an introduction to common business practices and terminology. A student subscription to The Wall Street Journal is required for reading and research assignments. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 211 – Business Communication (3)

A study of the basic art and psychology of business oral and written communication. Topics include fundamentals of communication, business English, correspondence application, report writing, and oral and nonverbal communication. Job search, résumé preparation, employment communication, and interviewing are also included. Prerequisite: HUEN 122 and BUMI 165; also BUMG 112 for Business majors. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 222 – Macroeconomics (3)

A study of macroeconomics which highlights the significance and determinants of national income and employment, price level, consumption, interest rates, and alternative monetary and fiscal policies, including a study of the contrasts between Keynesian and Classical economics. Prerequisite: BUMG 112 and BUMI 165. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 223 – Microeconomics (3)

A study of microeconomics which considers theories of economic behavior of consumers and producers, determination of prices, income distribution, market analysis and structures, and the government’s impact on the economy through taxation, spending, and regulation. Prerequisites: BUMG 112 and BUMI 165. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 231 – Principles of Management (3)

An analysis of the management process of planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and managing personnel. Promotes decision-making, line of authority, and communication. Prerequisites: BUMG 112, HUEN 122 and sophomore status. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 321 – Business Finance (3)

A study of the principles and techniques of financial planning, control, analysis, and decision making. Cash flow, working capital, budgeting, and financing are studied. Introduction to securities, markets, and investing. Prerequisites: BUMG 112, BUMI 165, and BUAC 244, or consent of instructor. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 363 – Business Statistics (3)

Develops statistical thinking through basic concepts for data analysis, using Microsoft Excel. Formulation of regression and related models, diagnostics, interpretations and reporting of statistical results for management applications. Prerequisites: ASMA 238 and BUMI 165. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 422 – Business Law 1 (3)

A study of the legal system, constitutional law, personal injury law, basic civil procedure, government regulation of business, and the basic legal principles of contracts, sales, leases, warranties, products liability, agency, and employment law. A study of the legal and business ethics, intellectual property and internet law, criminal law, negotiable instrument, checks and banking, security interests and bankruptcy, corporations investor protection, anti-trust, personal property, real estate, and insurance. Prerequisite: BUMG 112. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 423 – Business Law 2 (3)

A study of the legal and business ethics, intellectual property and internet law, criminal law, negotiable instruments, checks and banking, security interests and bankruptcy, corporations investor protection, anti-trust, personal property, real estate, and insurance. Prerequisite: BUMG 112. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 431 – Operations Management (3)

Study of manufacturing and service processes, including physical layout of facilities, materials, manpower, inventory control, and production and operation techniques. Prerequisite: BUMG 231 or consent of instructor. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 432 – Human Resource Management (3)

A survey of the human resource function in organizations which includes job analysis and design, selection and recruitment, performance appraisal, training and development, compensation and benefits, labor relations, safety and health, ethics and legal aspects of human resource management. Prerequisite: BUMG 231. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 436 – International Business (3)

Introduction to international business terminology, concepts, practices, and strategies including management, marketing and financial factors unique to global organizations. Discuss how and why countries differ; review the economics and politics of international trade and investment; explain the functions and forms of global monetary system; and examine the strategies and structures of international businesses. Prerequisite: BUMK 251 and BUMG 231. (3 credit hours)

BUMG 439 – Business Management Internship

Participation in the internship program provides students with work experience related to their major. Applications must be filed with the department. Registration for internship requires sponsorship by an advisor from the Business Management faculty. Prerequisite: Business Management major and Junior or Senior classification. (1 to 3 credit hours)

BUMG 475 – Business Strategy

Required preparation course for BUMG 490 Business Capstone and Entrepreneurship. This course utilizes lectures, readings, and case study, but features business strategy simulation to develop student skills in decision making, critical thinking, group work, and identifying future results from decisions made. Prerequisite: Senior Level in BBA program (3 credit hours)

BUMG 490 – Business Capstone & Entrepreneurship (3)

A study in entrepreneurship, management planning and policy formation with emphasis on decision-making. Course objectives include successful coordination of marketing, management, finance, and other activities of an enterprise in actual business situations. Capstone experiences based on the student’s major are incorporated. The course also offers seminar topics in career development, ethics, and spiritual leadership. Prerequisite: BUMG 475 and Senior Level in BBA program. (3 credit hours)