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MNA 510 – Nonprofit Organizations (3)

An overview of the history, structure, governance, and operation of nonprofit organizations. This course connects theory and practice by examining a variety of management strategies utilized by nonprofit organizations. Discussions and readings will include writing mission statements, facilitating governance, and evaluating programs. (3 credit hours)

MNA 520 – Volunteerism in Nonprofit Management (3)

This course will prepare students to assume roles as volunteer program leaders and managers in nonprofit organizations. Strategies for planning, developing, and implementing a volunteer program will be examined with a focus on the recruitment, training, motivation, supervision, and retention of volunteers. (3 credit hours)

MNA 530 – Nonprofit Financial Management (3)

Leaders of public and nonprofit organizations must make sound financial decisions and practices to manage scarce resources. Students will examine finance and budgeting concepts, policies, and practices related to organizations and the fiscal environment in which they must operate. Topics covered include budgeting, auditing, tax systems, and financial management and reporting. Students will learn to read, understand, and analyze budgets, financial statements, and other financial reports. Students will apply knowledge by developing a budget and financial plan for an organization. (3 credit hours)

MNA 540 – Fundraising and Grant Writing in Nonprofit Organizations (3)

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to common forms of generating revenues for nonprofit organizations, including fundraising (such as annual giving, major gifts, planned giving, and campaigns) and grant writing. Using an actual need identified in a nonprofit organization, students will identify grant makers, write proposals, develop budgets, and evaluate grant proposals. (3 credit hours)

MNA 550 – Law and Nonprofit Management (3)

Leaders of nonprofit agencies must be equipped to navigate a variety of legal expectations affecting the administration of human services. In this course, constitutional, statutory, and administrative law ramifications for nonprofits will be developed in light of topics such as compliance with tax-exemption requirements, institutional and personal liability, civil rights requirements, contract formation and liability, risk management, and employment law. (3 credit hours)

MNA 600 – Nonprofit Administration Capstone (2)

The main goal of this capstone course is to develop a stronger perspective of the executive leader’s job and responsibilities. This course is a culminating experience in which students apply and demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained through coursework in the MNA program. Under the guidance of an instructor, the student produces a solution to a nonprofit-management or policy problem from a conceptual and organizational standpoint. (2 credits)