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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online

All seminary classes have the option to be taken virtually or online.

GPA 511 – Church Administration (2)

A careful consideration of management styles and theories with special application to pastoral administration of the people, programs and policies of the local church. Church calendar management, church litigation issues, and matters of pastoral delegation will be analyzed and discussed. (2 credit hours)

GPA 521 – Introduction to Preaching (2)

An introductory study of the preaching, including a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of expository, topical, and textual preaching. This course includes instruction on the process for the preacher to move from the text to the sermon. Students who have had an adequate undergraduate homiletics class may request that this course be waived. (2 credit hours)

GPA 522 – Expository Preaching Old Testament (2)

A practical study of the relationship between hermeneutics and homiletics and the various ways to preach from the Old Testament, with a focus on expository preaching. Prerequisite: GPA 521 Introduction to Preaching or its equivalent (2 credit hours)

GPA 523 – Expository Preaching New Testament (2)

A practical study of the relationship between hermeneutics and homiletics and the various ways to preach from the New Testament, with a focus on expository preaching. Prerequisite: GPA 521 Introduction to Preaching or its equivalent (2 credit hours)

GPA 524 – Principles of Bible Study and Teaching (3)

A theoretical and practical study of a variety of Bible study methods applicable for both personal study and teaching. (3 hours credit)

GPA 526 – Introduction to Preaching Practicum (2)

A practicum course based on the introductory study of preaching. This course includes continued instruction in homiletical sermon preparation with specific application of that process in several practice preaching assignments. Sermons will be critiqued by students and professors as part of the class requirements. Prerequisites: GPA 521 or equivalent. (2 hours credit)

GPA 530 – Philosophy of Ministry (2)

A course designed to examine the Biblical philosophy of the pastor, his office, role, relationships, and ministry within the local church. (2 credit hours)

GPA 531 – Church Planting (2)

An introduction to the ministry of church planting with an emphasis on equipping students with the principles and strategies needed for starting and developing Gospel-centered churches and the development of a biblical vision for a new ministry. (2 credit hours)

GPA 535 – Advanced Small Groups (2)

An in-depth study of the scriptural use of small groups in the church for the purpose of fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism. (2 credit hours)

GPA 610 – Building a Disciple-making Ministry (2)

An examination of the process of disciple-making in the local church ministry. Special focus will be given to the development of a philosophy of discipleship involving both pastor and people. Both the process and the product of disciple-making will be considered from a biblical and practical perspective. Innovative ideas for discipleship ministries from early childhood to late adulthood will be considered. (2 credit hours)

GPA 612 – Pastoral Ethics (2)

The ministry and the minister considered as a profession. Special emphasis will be given to pastoral conduct related to the pastor’s personal life, moral choices, associations, and practices as they apply to colleagues, community and congregation. (2 credit hours)

GPA 614 – Baptist Polity (3)

A study of the function of a Baptist church from a Biblical and historical perspective, with special attention given to current trends in Baptist polity. (3 credit hours)

GPA 615 – Theology of Prayer and Worship (2)

An examination of the biblical teaching on prayer and worship for the New Testament church, with application to the current state of the church. (2 credit hours)

GPA 650 – Advanced Bio-Ethics (2)

The purpose of this course is to examine a subsection of ethics that focuses on issues involving medical care and biotechnology from a biblical absolutist perspective (normative ethics). Areas of discussion include reproduction and birth, death, genetics, healthcare, and the role of the physician. The ethical issues that accompany these areas are significant and require careful examination. As a result terms such as person, life and death, fairness, consciousness, and dignity will be discussed from both contemporary and biblical perspectives (metaethics). (2 credit hours)

GPA 715 – Theology of Church Leadership (2)

An examination of the biblical teaching concerning leadership, with an application of that theology to the local church, the mission field and other areas of spiritual leadership. (2 credit hours)

GPA 717 – Discipleship and Mentoring (2)

A course designed to examine the biblical foundations and practices associated with discipleship and mentoring within a local church. (2 credit hours)

GPA 722 – The Pastor, Church, and Law (3)

A survey of the complex legal and organizational issues confronting pastors and other church leaders in modern America. Students will develop an understanding of the role and relationship of the pastor in American law and a practical understanding of risk management, financial administration, and employment law that attend the pastor’s role as CEO of the local church organization. (3 credit hours)

GPA 780 – Seminar in Preaching (2)

Current topics in homiletics are examined and investigated. Students are encouraged to select topics of interest to them for inclusion in this course. (2 credit hours)