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Classes offered online in orange.

HUSO 134 – Introduction to Geography (3)

A study of world geography with an examination of political and human geography. Considers man’s interaction with the planet and fellow humans, leading to the development of different social and cultural patterns, including different economic, urban, religious, and political systems. (3 credit hours)

HUSO 141 – Introduction to Sociology (3)

A study of the process by which cultures develop and the effects of that development on patterns of behavior of groups in social institutions. (3 credit hours)

HUSO 233 – National Government (3)

An examination of the establishment and development of constitutional government in America and the functioning of our national government within the federal system. Emphasis is placed on applying an understanding of our political institutions to significant contemporary issues. (3 credit hours)

HUSO 234 – State and Local Government (3)

An examination of the functions and responsibilities of state, county, municipal and special governments. Attention is given to legislative procedures to equip the student with a practical knowledge of impacting various levels of government. (3 credit hours)