Jodi Herbert

School: College of Arts and Sciences|Department of Applied Science|School of Education

Rank:  Associate Professor


  • PhD Mathematics, Kansas State University
  • MS Mathematics, Kansas State University
  • BS Mathematics Education, Maranatha Baptist University

Herbert was one of the authors of “Bilinear pseudodifferential operators with symbols in Besov spaces” in J. Pseudo-Differ. Oper. Appl. June 2014 Vol. 5 pp. 231-54. Besides her work in mathematics, Dr. Herbert is an accomplished pianist and often accompanies students for recital performances as well as serving in the music ministry of her local church. And lest she get too comfortable teaching college-age students, she also enjoys teaching young children in junior church.

Dr. Herbert has 10 years of collegiate teaching experience including two years at MBU. Teaching at Maranatha had been a dream of hers since her freshman year as a student at the school when the academic dean at the time challenged her to consider pursuing a graduate degree in mathematics. Before joining the Maranatha faculty, Dr. Herbert taught as a TA in her graduate program at Kansas State University. There she was awarded Master Graduate Teaching Assistant, an honor earned by graduate students who demonstrate excellence in teaching undergraduate mathematics. In her career, she has taught applied matrix theory; calculus I, II, III; and elementary differential equations, among many others. She especially enjoys working with other passionate mathematicians at all levels from secondary through graduate school and beyond.

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