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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online


Any student who enrolls in 12 or more semester hours is considered full-time.

Watertown Campus


Application Fee (with application, non refundable) $50
Reservation deposit due for completion of Admissions file (non-refundable) $175
Comprehensive Fee per semester (includes matriculation fee, student benefit fee, library, and information resources fee)
                       Part-time (1-11 semester hours, per semester hour) $52
                       Full-time (12 or more semester hours, flat fee) $625
Academic Assessment Fee (one time only) $100
Tuition ( 1-11 hours, per semester hour) $700
Tuition (12-18 semester hours) $8,400
Tuition (each semester hour over 18) $440
Audit Fee (one to eleven hours, per semester hour) $350
Room and Board $3,990
Student Teaching Experience: 20 weeks (includes tuition and student teacher fees)
Within 300 miles of Watertown $6,800
Over 300 miles from Watertown $8,300
Student Teaching Housing (per week) $120
Medical Accident Insurance (Mandatory if no individual or group policy is in force) See Business Office


Online Courses

The Watertown Campus fee schedule applies to all coursework for any campus-based student taking online courses concurrently.

Comprehensive Fee (per course) $35
Tuition (per semester hour) $430
Dual Enrollment (per credit) $175



Any student who enrolls in 8 or more semester hours is considered full-time.

Comprehensive Fee (per course) $25
Technology/Assessment Fee (one time only) $100
Audit Fee per class $100
Personal Enrichment Class Fee (no additional fees) $100
Logos Technology Fee (required for MDiv students)
Per semester over four semesters
One-time payment $815
Tuition per Masters semester hour $345
Tuition per Doctorate semester hour $395



Graduate School Fees
Comprehensive Fee (per course) $35
Technology/Assessment Fee (one time only) $100
EDUC 600 Action Research $100
Tuition for SPED courses (per semester hour)
Tuition (MEd, MOL, MAT, and MNA: per semester hour)


Per semester unless noted: Non-refundable

Academic Fees

Per semester unless noted: Non-refundable 

Diploma Reorder Fee $25
Directed Study Fee per semester hour (in addition to tuition) $100
Drop/Add Fee (Change of Schedule) $15
Exam Slip Replacement Fee $5
Graduation Fee (Associate and Graduate Degrees) $125
Graduation Fee (Bachelor Degrees) $150
Independent Study Fee per semester hour (in addition to tuition) $100
Language Immersion Fee $250
Late Registration Fee $50
Learning Assistance Program Tutorial Fee (if the student is less than full-time) $320
Library Testing Service $5
New Student Orientation Fee (includes Technology/Assessment Fee) $250
Online Participation Fee per semester hour (for main campus students enrolled in online courses) $100
Placement Test $25
Recording Fee $25
Transcript Fee $10
Tutorial Fee per semester hour (in addition to tuition) $100
Class Fees
Intro to Online Communication Fee: CADM 111 (per academic hour)
Communication Arts Lab Fee: All Other CADM classes (per academic hour) $40
Computer Lab Fee: ASCS, BUIS, BUOF, BUMI classes (per academic hour) $50
Curriculum & Methods in Art $15
Dramatic Productions Fee: CASP classes (per academic hour) $35
Digital Media, Photography, and Videography Capstones, Semesters One and Two (per academic hour) $40
Speech & Dramatic Productions Recital, Semester One (per academic hour)
Speech Recital, Semester Two (per course) $125
Dramatic Productions Recital, Semester Two (per course) $375
Education Intern Fee $250
Freshman Fieldwork (Education Majors) $100
Sophomore Fieldwork (Education Majors) $110
Junior Fieldwork (Education Majors) $210
Science Lab Fee (per academic hour) $35
Spanish Lab Fee (per academic hour) $25
Training Room Techniques $15
Music Fees
Instrumental Music Fee (Orchestra/Symphonic Band) $50
Music Rental Fee (Chamber Singers/Madrigal/Chorale) $30
Music Studio Fee (Piano, Organ, Voice, Instrument) $50
Music Technology/Piano Pedagogy Lab Fee
One class $45
Multiple class enrollment $65
Pedagogy Internship $100
Private Piano Lessons
15 minutes $100
30 minutes $200
45 minutes $300
60 minutes $400
Repertoire Fee/Music Pedagogy Seminar (per class) $45
Recital Fee (per student)
Group Minor (3-4 students) $50
Combined Minor (2 students)
Senior Solo Major (1 student)
Nursing Fees
CPR Course (every two years) $30
Nursing Program Participation (Sophomore through Senior years) $910

Nursing students should anticipate addiditonal spending for background checks, uniforms, books, and other accessories.

Miscellaneous Fees
Extended Payment Fee $60
Portal Convenience Fee 2 percent
Residence Hall Maintenance Fee  (on-campus students, one time only) $100
Returned Check Fee $30
Sports Participation Fee (per sport) $100
Vehicle Parking Fee
On-campus Student $65
Off-campus Student $45