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Degree Overview

The Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies program (64 credits) is designed to provide flexible transfer options for students who have completed professional training. Round up your skills training into an Associate’s degree by adding our liberal arts and biblical studies courses!

Military credit transfers and credits for lifetime learning are available. Classes are offered year-around, and sessions begin six times annually. Flexible class scheduling is designed to work with your personal life plans. 


Associate’s-Bachelor’s Pathway

Continue your studies with one of our online bachelor’s degrees. All associate’s degree courses may count up to your bachelor’s program. Contact an advisor to learn more!

    Key Courses

    • Introduction to Biblical Counseling (BICO 241)
    • Modern Creationary Thought (BIBC 223)
    • Bible Doctrine I & II (BIBI 315 & 316)
    • The Modern World (HUHI 130)

    Online Course Catalog

    Alumni Spotlight

    Renee Patton (’18)
    As a mother of three college students, Renee Patton (’18) has experienced what most adult learners face—the challenge of juggling life, work, and family while pursuing personal educational goals. Renee began by transferring her existing college credits into MBU’s Interdisciplinary Studies program, completing an accredited bachelor’s in a year and a half while simultaneously earning graduate credits toward a master’s. Eight additional months of hard work resulted in the final credits needed to finish a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning. Renee chose History and English concentrations and is now qualified to teach at the collegiate level. She shares, “I am thankful to the Lord, MBU, and the faculty for helping me pursue my heart’s desire.” She encourages others to “know what you want to do, ask the Lord for clear guidance, and then go for it.”


    Potential Concentrations

    Digital Media

    Program Requirements

    Customized Major (18 credits)
    Open Electives (9 credits)
    Liberal Arts Core (22 credits)
    Biblical Studies Core (15 credits)
    Minimum Credits Required: 64

    Potential Career Fields


    *Some careers and employment positions require graduate degrees,
    specialized training, or addtional certification and licenses.

    Highlighted Program Faculty

    Mr. Philip Price

    Department of Applied Science | Associate Professor
    MAT, University of Idaho
    BS, Maranatha Baptist University

    Dr. Jodi Herbert

    Department of Applied Science | Associate Professor
    PhD, Kansas State University
    BS, Maranatha Baptist University

    Bible Core

    Dual Degrees