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Overview | Interdisciplinary Studies

The BS of Interdisciplinary Studies is a flexible program (128 credits) designed to provide transfer options for students who have completed professional training. Within this program, you benefit from courses in Maranatha’s Bible and Liberal Arts Core and select one or more concentrations to customize this degree in order to meet your goals. 

Military credit transfers and credits for lifetime learning are available. Classes are offered year-around, and sessions begin six times annually. Flexible class scheduling is designed to work with your personal life plans. 


Program Outcomes

  •  Critically communicate the theories, methods, and perspectives of their chosen disciplinary concentration(s).
  • Apply, synthesize, and compare interdisciplinary perspectives and practices within their chosen concentration with Biblical values and truths.
  • Apply principles of servant leadership to their interdisciplinary studies and individual spheres of influence.

Bachelor-to-Master’s Pathway

By taking graduate courses while enrolled as an undergraduate, you can meet requirements for both this program and a future graduate degree. You could graduate with almost half of your Master of Nonprofit Administration degree already completed. Contact an advisor to learn more about this exciting option!

Key Courses

  • Introduction to Biblical Counseling (BICO 241)
  • Modern Creationary Thought (BIBC 223)
  • Bible Doctrine I & II (BIBI 315 & 316)
  • The Modern World (HUHI 130)

Online Course Catalog

Potential Concentrations


Program Requirements

Customized Major (37 credits)
Open Electives (36 credits)
Liberal Arts Core (31 credits)
Biblical Studies Core (24 credits)
Minimum Credits Required: 128

Potential Career Fields


*Some careers and employment positions require graduate degrees,
specialized training, or addtional certification and licenses.

Highlighted Program Faculty

Dr. Jodi Herbert

Department of Applied Science | Associate Professor
PhD, Kansas State University
BS, Maranatha Baptist University

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