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Overview | Pre-Physician Assistant

Practice medicine but avoid the cost of medical school by preparing to become a physician assistant. Physician assistants have the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare specialties like pediatrics, surgery, geriatrics, and more. The Bachelor of Science in Pre-Physician Assistant program prepares undergraduate students to enter a master’s-level Physician Assistant program. The degree includes all of the required course prerequisites necessary to be considered for acceptance into a master of science in physician assistant studies (MSPA) program. The program provides flexibility for a variety of specific entrance requirements.


Program Outcomes

  • Gain a greater appreciation for the creative power and wisdom of our creator in the design and function of the human body.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of general principles in the biomedical and pharmaceutical field.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Research problems to develop expedient solutions.
  • Apply science and mathematics to solve complex problems including the analysis and interpretation of data from lab experiments.
  • Demonstrate behaviors required to succeed in the modern workplace including the ability to function effectively and ethically in a team environment.

Suggested Course Schedule

Semester 1

General Biology 1 (4)
General Chemistry 1 (4)
Old Testament Survey (3)
English Composition 1 (3)
Music Elective (2)

Total Credits: 16

Semester 2

General Biology 2 (4)
General Chemistry 2 (4)
New Testament Survey (3)
English Composition 2 (3)
The Modern World (3)

Total Credits: 17

Semester 1

General Science Elective (4)
Pre-Calculus (3)
Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism (3)
Literature Elective (3)
American Studies Elective (3)

Total Credits: 16

Semester 2

Microbiology (4)
Anatomy and Physiology 1 (4)
Probability and Statistics (3)
Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2)
Baptist Heritage (3)

Total Credits: 16

Semester 1

Anatomy and Physiology 2 (4)
Organic Chemistry 1 (4)
Technical Writing (3)
Bible Doctrine 1 or 2 (3)
Open Elective (3)

Total Credits: 17

Semester 2

Organic Chemistry 2 (4)
Medical Terminology (2)
Apologetics (2)
Bible Doctrine 1 or 2 (3)
Open Elective (3)

Total Credits: 13



Clinical Internship (3)

Semester 1

Intro to Sociology (3)
Sr. Science Capstone Plan (2)
Biochemistry 1 (4)
Genetics (3)
Modern Creationary Thought (3)

Total Credits: 15

Semester 2

Sr. Science Capstone Project (2)
General Psychology (3)
Bible Elective (3)
Open Elective (6)

Total Credits: 14

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Potential Career Fields

Physician’s Assistant
Medical Research
Clinical Research

*Some careers and employment positions require graduate degrees,
specialized training, or addtional certification and licenses.

MBU Program Faculty

Susan Rasmussen

School of Nursing | Associate Professor
BS Nursing, Cedarville College
MS Nursing/Ed – University of Phoenix

Timothy Meier

College of Arts and Science | Professor
BS, Bob Jones University, Greenville SC
MS in Microbiology, Clemson University, Clemson SC
MA in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

Marcos Garza-Madrid

College of Arts and Science | Associate Professor
PhD Engineering Sciences/Biotechnology, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiories de Monterrey
BMed, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiories de Monterrey

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