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The campus experience plays a vital role in your choice in a college. You have questions about campus life. Here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers.

What is the atmosophere of Maranatha’s campus and dormitories?

TJ Lacock | Dorm Supervisor

Why should I participate in MBU athletics?

Taylor Pill | Director of Athletic Communications

What is the dining hall experience like?

Jon Sheeley | Director of Recruitment

How can I get started on my college degree now?

Dana Davis | Assistant Vice President of Online Distance Learning

What is it like living in the dorms?

Abby Huthmaker | Student perspective

What internship opportunities does MBU have?

Mr. Steve Board | Director of Development 

MBU & Local Church: Why is getting involved in local church important?

Mr. Mark Herbster | Director of Student Discipliship

Addional Questions?