Elements of Photography

About This Course

Mr. Tim Mielke

Mr. Tim Mielke

Elements of Photography is designed for those who want to develop a critical compositional eye and manual camera operation to achieve optimum quality photographs. Through content videos, class discussion, and thorough video and written teacher critiques, you will learn and apply camera and basic post-production techniques that photographers have been using for over 150 years.”

Course Details

Code / Name: CADM 131 − Elements of Photography  (3 credits)

PhotographyDescription: An introductory study of photography with an emphasis on manual camera operation, composition, digital photography, and postproduction workflow with a brief survey on the history of photography.

Required Text(s): Please use the online campus bookstore to locate required textbooks for the course. Make sure that you search using the correct course code and look for the course with the “OL” suffix in the drop-down list. (See Textbook Ordering Help.)

Required Equipment (questions should be directed to the instructor):

  • Camera with Manual Exposure Capabilities
    • Brand not specific.
    • Have access to a camera that captures using the Manual Exposure method. This is normally shown by a “M” on the dial of modes. Manual mode allows the photography to control the aperture, shutter, and ISO.
    • If enrolled in the Photography or Digital Media degrees, a Canon dSLR is highly recommended.

Required Equipment and Software Students must purchase and possess by the first day of class.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS or higher preferred (Educational Discounts and 30 day trial available)      or
  • Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program)