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Dual Enrollment

Participate in Dual Enrollment beginning the summer after your sophomore year of high school by enrolling in college courses.

You can take just one class, complete a semester or year of college, or even earn an associate's degree. With the large tuition discount, you can save time and money.

Courses completed may be counted toward meeting high school requirements, at the administrator's discretion, and will count toward your future degree at Maranatha Baptist University.


The freshman year of every major at MBU has five courses in common:

BIBI 111 - Old Testament Survey

BIBI 112 - New Testament Survey

HUEN 121 - English Composition 1

HUEN 122 - English Composition 2

HUHI 130 - The Modern World

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Biblical. Flexible. Engaging.

Maranatha seeks to provide courses that fit these three components. Throughout all classes, we incorporate a biblical worldview. Even when secular textbooks are used, faculty members utilize them to inform students of other views and develop an apologetic for a Christian worldview.

Our classes are flexible; however, that does not mean they are self-paced. Students will work together with their faculty member in a weekly schedule. You may participate at any time of the day that suits you, as long as you meet the deadlines set forth in the schedule.

Professors and policies are in place to ensure that the content and teaching methods are engaging. Class sizes are kept at 18 or below for almost every course, to ensure maximum attention from the faculty member. Interaction is built in through discussion forums and short, focused tutorial recordings for students to learn and test their understanding.

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