Dual Credit

girl thinkingHow does dual credit work?

Many high schools will accept college credit in place of high school credit. If you want your college course to count as high school credit, have your principal (or mom/dad, if you’re homeschooled) talk with us. It’s ultimately their choice whether to allow our classes to fulfill your high school requirements.

If you are interested in completing your first year at Maranatha with online classes, please check for information about your major and contact us.


Special Notes:

  • Courses are taught at the college level.
  • Regional accreditation makes courses transferable to other colleges.
  • Courses may be counted toward high school graduation requirements upon approval by your school.
  • Our recommendation is to give one-half unit of high school credit for one- or two-credit college courses and one unit of high school credit for three- or four-credit courses. However, the assignment of high school credit rests solely with the high school administration.

How much could I save by starting college early?



Maranatha Online offers a 50% off tuition scholarship to high school juniors and seniors. If students begin taking courses during their junior year of high school, they could complete a year of college during high school.

What classes should I take?

Here are a few suggested high school/ college course equivalents.

Maranatha Online CourseSubstitutes for High School Course
English Composition 1Junior English
English Composition 2Senior English
Fundamentals of Public SpeakingSpeech
US History 1 & US History 2Honors U.S. History (or two elective credits)
National GovernmentAmerican Government
College MathThird Math Credit
Calculus 1 (16 week)Calculus
College AlgebraAlgebra II
Concepts in ChemistryChemistry
Concepts of PhysicsPhysics
Old Testament SurveyJunior/Senior Bible
New Testament Survey
Music AppreciationElective Half Credits
Intro to Music Technology
Personal and Community Health
Computer Applications Seminar
Microsoft Excel

Contact the Maranatha Online office for advising if you wish to complete a year of college in high school.