Faculty Spotlight: Melvin Cacayorin

For the past several years, Mr. Melvin Cacayorin has taught mathematics classes for Maranatha Online. “Online teaching for Maranatha allows me to keep teaching math (including my favorite class—Calculus 1) to students across the country and even around the world,” he says. “It’s pretty exciting to have students taking Cacayorin Familyclasses from here in Colorado to all the way in Israel!”

Cacayorin was born in the sunny state of Hawaii. With experience in both hurricane weather as well as balmy, eighty degree temperatures, he calls Hawaii’s normal weather patterns “boring.” Indeed, having grown up there, Cacayorin has a different perspective on the state than the average tourist, rarely visiting the beach since it was “way on the other side of the island,” which he clarifies was roughly ten miles. One of the things he misses the most about the state since moving is the food—Japanese sushi, Korean kalbi, and Portuguese malasadas. He also confesses an ongoing love for spam and rice.

Despite his not growing up in a Christian home, the Lord was clearly at work in Cacayorin’s family as they sent him to a Christian school. His third grade teacher exposed him to the gospel when she taught her class how to witness to others; in doing so, she actually had the biggest influence on one of her own students—Cacayorin soon accepted Christ as his Savior.

At Bob Jones University, Cacayorin pursued a degree in computer science until he found his calling in the mathematics field. He says, “I always enjoyed math because it was so orderly and there was always one correct answer.” In addition to his BS in Mathematics and MA in Teaching Mathematics, Cacayorin has earned an MA in Theology, a degree allowing him the opportunity for further, focused Bible training. Despite his number of current degrees, Cacayorin isn’t done with school yet! He’s just begun an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership through Liberty University.

A far cry from the tropical state of his birth, Cacayorin took a post-college job as headmaster at Silver State Christian School in Colorado. Regarding life in Colorado, Cacayorin had this to say: “A lot of people think mountains and snow and skiing, etc. I actually don’t go into the mountains too often as it drives me nuts when I’m out of cell phone range. I was actually drawn to Colorado because of downtown Denver. I’ve always enjoyed the Colorado Symphony and walking down the 16th Street Mall. The Los Angeles Dodgers play the Colorado Rockies three times a year since they’re in the same division.”

The Lord had more in store for Cacayorin in Colorado than a professional vocation. When Charis began teaching at Silver State, the two fell in love and got married. They now have two children: three-year-old Melody and five-month-old Charity. To this day, they are still heavily involved in both the Christian school and in the church ministry of Red Rocks Baptist Church.

We at Maranatha are thankful for the ministry of such faithful Christian believers and hope Cacayorin will continue teaching with us for many years to come.