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“Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another” (Romans 12:10). 

Followers of Christ love their neighbors as themselves. As Maranatha’s campus reopens for the fall semester, we face an unusual challenge. Maranatha has taken extraordinary steps to provide a safe and healthy environment as outlined in the Stronger Together Pledge. Every member of the community must take responsibility for their own health and the impact their actions may have on others. In some ways, we must consistently sacrifice some of our own comforts and conveniences for the well-being of others. This pledge unifies our efforts and, before God, represents a commitment to courageously put our faith into action in reliance upon God’s protection.

As unto the Lord, and in service to the Maranatha community, I pledge to take responsibility for my own health, work to protect others, and help keep the MBU community safe from the spread of COVID-19. I recognize this is an unprecedented semester that will entail sacrifice and inconvenience. With God’s help I commit to maintain a positive spirit in the midst of difficulty, and I pledge the following:


  • Wash my hands often with soap and water and use hand sanitizer as available.
  • Monitor for the symptoms of COVID-19 and report to the campus nurse if I experience any of the following: fever above 100.4 or feeling feverish (such as chills, sweating), cough, mild or moderate difficulty breathing, muscle aches or body aches, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea.
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if I experience a combination of the above symptoms for at least 24 hours, or if advised to do so by the CDC self-checker, the campus nurse, or a medical professional.



  • Cooperate with all posted instructions regarding health and safety precautions.
  • Maintain appropriate social distancing and be willing to take extra precautions as requested.
  • Wear an appropriate face covering when directed to do so in the community or participating in an event where a mask is required.
  • Stay home from class, work, or events if I feel ill or after a confirmed exposure to someone who is ill or has tested positive for COVID-19.


  • Follow directions, campus signage, and room occupancy limits.
  • Clean and sanitize the personal spaces and shared common spaces that I use.
  • Participate in screening and, when necessary, testing and contact tracing to preserve the wellness of the community.

I acknowledge that attending college, including face-to-face class attendance, participation in events on campus, and residing in university housing entails known and unanticipated risks related to communicable disease. These include but are not limited to COVID-19 and health consequences due to such exposure or infection. I understand that such risks may vary based on class sizes, the nature of each event, housing arrangements, room occupancy, bathroom configurations, and shared spaces. I understand that many reasonable precautions and mitigating procedures are in place, but that these risks cannot be eliminated. I also understand that I cannot be guaranteed that I will not contract a communicable disease, including COVID-19, while attending college and residing in university housing.

I hereby confirm that I have read and agree to abide by MBU’s Stronger Together Plan for the 2020-21 academic year, and as Maranatha Baptist University adapts to changing COVID-19 realities in Wisconsin, I pledge to abide by current and possible future restrictions to protect the health and safety of the Maranatha community. I understand that failure to abide by this pledge will result in disciplinary action based on the Student Life Handbook or the Employee Handbook. I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and accept this pledge.

Download the printable version of the MBU STRONGER TOGETHER pledge

Language adapted from Purdue University’s Protect Purdue Pledge, The King’s College Pledge, St. Louis Christian College, and the Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges.