Maranatha Baptist Seminary is distinct in that it provides graduate theological training with a strong emphasis on academic rigor coupled with practical guidance from instructors experienced in ministry. Maranatha stands squarely in the tradition of a fundamentalist, Baptist educational institution. Several clear distinctives exemplify the stand and direction of Maranatha Baptist Seminary:

MBU sign


Maranatha stands without apology for the Baptist distinctives. Baptistic principles and polity are taught in the classroom and practiced in the personal ministries of each faculty member.


Maranatha believes in verbal, plenary inspiration. The Bible is the sole authority for faith and practice and is inerrant in all matters it addresses. The literal, historical-grammatical approach to the interpretation of God’s Word is emphasized through the entire curriculum.


Maranatha emphasizes the pretribulational rapture of all believers and the premillennial return and reign of Jesus Christ. Students are warned about the errors of Reformed theology, and they are taught to “rightly divide the Word of Truth.”


Maranatha challenges and prepares students to have warm soul-winners’ hearts and to build strong evangelistic churches. The faculty includes teachers who have many years of experience in building and developing soul-winning churches.

Local Church

Maranatha teaches that the local New Testament church is God’s ordained institution to carry out His work in this age. The primacy of the local church in scriptural teaching is emphasized both in doctrine and practice.


Maranatha takes a clear-cut stand on separation from personal worldliness and ecclesiastical error. The leadership of the school has been and continues to be against all forms of modernism, inclusivism, neo-orthodoxy, new evangelicalism, and other forms of theological compromise.