Maranatha Advantage

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Why Maranatha?

The purpose of Maranatha is to develop leaders for ministry in the local church and the world “To the Praise of His Glory.” In light of this mission, Maranatha Baptist Seminary has been established to prepare leaders for engagement with the world of the lost for the following reasons:

First, the opportunities at Maranatha have grown dramatically. The campus has state-of-the-art technology in new classrooms and is increasing its use of video and Internet communications and learning. The library has 220,000 books and more than 20,000 journals in print or digital format.

Second, because Maranatha Baptist Seminary is a part of Maranatha as an institution, we can offer Graduate Assistant work opportunities that allow students to obtain graduate degrees while working for the university. This mutually-beneficial relationship allows graduate students to finish their studies in a timely fashion without going into debt. Seminary students often marry, have children, work fulltime, and try to engage in a meaningful part-time ministry. The GA program allows diligent students to complete their undergraduate and seminary education in no more than seven years.

Third, Maranatha believes that the college connection can enhance the preparation of the seminary student. Seminary students will have the opportunity to minister to and disciple university undergraduate students on a regular basis. Seminary students preparing for ministry will be able to impact undergrad students, some of whom will enter into the seminary to be an impact on the next class of students.

Fourth, seminary students will be intentionally mentored both on and off campus. The faculty will purposefully mentor the students in class, chapel, and one-on-one discipleship times. Area pastors will work with the seminary faculty to continue intentional mentoring in the local churches. Students learn much in the classroom; they also need to learn in the field, putting into practice the lessons of the classroom. Those seminary students who attended the university will also benefit as they continue to build the relationships they began during their undergraduate education.

Fifth, Maranatha seeks to place its graduates into ministry as soon as possible. The Master of Divinity degree was originally designed to educate a secular college graduate. With the growth of the Bible college movement, 96 hours of seminary training is no longer the standard. Many seminaries, Maranatha among them, recognize that there is duplication of material between the typical Bible college student’s education and his seminary training. Maranatha, therefore, offers to graduates of Bible colleges up to 28 hours of Advanced Placement.

Maranatha seeks to be “To the Praise of His Glory” in all that we do – holding to our heritage and focused on our future!