Maranatha Baptist Seminary enlarges the educational mission of Maranatha as it seeks to prepare men and women for all phases of ministry.

The mission of Maranatha Baptist Seminary is to provide seminary education in biblical, theological, and ministry-related areas through several programs that are thoroughly committed to a dispensational, fundamental, and Baptist position and that provide education and development, both academic and practical, for men (and, within the confines of biblical restrictions of local church leadership, women) who are called by God into leadership ministries in Baptist churches as pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and servants in other church-centered ministries.

The Seminary desires to prepare students who are:

  • Theologically articulate
  • Spiritually dynamic
  • Positionally informed
  • Professionally competent

…and who are faithful to the Holy Spirit’s work through God’s Word in the ministry of preaching and teaching God’s Word throughout the world.

  • To demonstrate the validity of a Fundamentalist and Baptist approach to theology and the practical Christian life.
  • To develop and promote confidence in the Bible as God’s inspired Word and authority for faith and practice.
  • To develop an understanding of current trends and theological issues in Christianity today, with biblical answers to those trends and issues, and to develop a willingness to separate from doctrinal error and unbiblical lifestyles.
  • To instill a value for the work of the ministry through developing an understanding and appreciation of various opportunities and challenges common to the Lord’s work with an emphasis on ministry in the local church.
  • To inculcate students with Biblical truth, a methodology for doing theology, and instruction in the use of appropriate tools for theological and ministry-related research.
  • To equip students with interpretive skills based on a dispensational approach to hermeneutics, for lifelong ministry and personal spiritual growth.
  • To develop within students the skills necessary for public and private communication of scriptural truth.