Maranatha Baptist Seminary Dean, Mark Herbster

The church today is in dire need of stable, balanced, compassionate leaders to carry on His work in this generation and in the ones yet to come.  Producing ministers of this caliber requires intentional mentoring with the end goal of intellectual understanding balanced with practical application.  We at Maranatha Baptist Seminary are seeking to rise to the challenge and, by God’s grace, fully equip those God has called to serve Him.

Maranatha Baptist Seminary has a fifty-year history of success in training Christian men and women for full time gospel ministry. With hundreds of graduates serving in places all over the globe, MBS is continuing to move forward with its mission of preparing the next generation to advance the cause of Christ.  With genuine commitment and compassion, we are purposeful and unwavering in our passion to teach fundamental Baptist doctrine along with a conservative, separated lifestyle–all for the glory of God.

Tailored to each student’s desired path of study, the seminary programs at MBS are designed to be Word-centered and Christ-focused.  Pastors will be educated to carefully interpret and communicate the Scriptures with clarity and conviction. Counselors will be taught to offer hurting people biblical answers full of hope.  Missionaries will be inspired to evangelize with skill and determination within any culture. Most importantly, each student will be made aware that all this necessary preparation must be fueled by God’s grace and finished for God’s glory.

We at MBS would be honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve you.  Whether you become a resident student, an online student or a combination of the two, we would treasure the opportunity to influence your life and ministry.  I invite you to join with us as we seek to make a difference in our world. The need is great, and the truth of the gospel makes it all worthwhile!

For the Sake of His Name,

Mark Herbster

Dean, Maranatha Baptist Seminary