Dr. Larry OatsWe live in critical times. Churches in America and around the world are forsaking the biblical foundations of faith. Church leaders are turning to man-centered evangelism and church growth methods, and many people in churches today remain essentially untaught. The pulpit has been replaced by the platform, and people are hungry for the Word.

Maranatha Baptist Seminary is committed to Christ-centered, Word-centered church ministries. Our goal is to educate church leaders to feed the spiritually-hungry people around them with the Word of God. We desire to educate men to preach the Word of God carefully and accurately. We desire to train counselors who will encourage and instruct hurting people toward biblical choices. We are preparing men and women for traditional missionary service in areas open to missionary activity and for specialized ministries in fields closed to a Christian witness. To that end, we are looking for men and women who desire to give their lives completely to Christ. Is that you?

At Maranatha Baptist Seminary, you will discover horizons you never imagined. You will see God is good, and He is powerful in an age where He is doubted, dishonored, and ignored. You will see God is a God of absolute truth in an age when people think there are many paths to God. You will also see the Word of God is powerful, and it gives answers to our society—and to every person.

At Maranatha Baptist Seminary, you will be mentored by an experienced faculty member. You will also become involved in a local church under the mentorship of the pastor there, learning to put into practice the lessons of the classroom.

I invite you to join us as we seek the Holy Spirit’s illumination upon God’s unchanging Word. Join us as we seek to serve Jesus Christ with all areas of our lives. Join us as we learn to worship the Father in spirit and in truth.

Join us at Maranatha Baptist Seminary and become equipped for a lifetime of ministry.

‘Til He Comes,

Larry R. Oats
Dean, Maranatha Baptist Seminary