President Obama and Gay Marriage

How disappointing to hear the President of the United States declare his support for same-sex marriage. He has indicated that his position on marriage has evolved. Even more disappointing was his declaration that Jesus supports his position. The President’s liberalism goes well beyond his politics, if he really thinks that this is a biblical position!

It was also disappointing to hear Andy Stanley perhaps endorse practicing homosexuals in the leadership of his church. See for an article and for links to his sermon and to a response from Al Mohler. The US populace is about evenly divided on the legitimacy of homosexuality, if the polls can be believed. 30 states, however, have clearly defined marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman.

Numerous arguments can be raised in defense of heterosexual marriage – history, culture, science, economics, health, and who knows what else. “The” argument, however, is the biblical definition of marriage. Both the Old and New Testament is clear that marriage is for one man and one woman and that homosexual behavior is sin. Christians who believe that the Bible means what it says must maintain their stand against homosexual activity, no matter what the culture believes. If liberal theology and politics continue to gain influence, gay marriage and gay relationships will become the norm in the United States. This does not, however, mean that homosexuality should become part of Christianity or be accepted by the church. Certainly we want to see gays and lesbians won to the Lord, baptized, and brought into our churches, but accepting a homosexual as a person is vastly different than accepting homosexuality as a life-style.

New Testament Christianity must, of necessity, be counter-cultural. We are not to love the world, the world-system that stands in opposition to God and the righteousness He expects. We are to live lives pleasing to God, which, in this case, means adherence to the biblical definition of marriage – one man and one woman, committed to each other for life.