Chapel at Maranatha is viewed as an integral part of the educational process. The values of the University, the ethos of Baptist fundamentalism, the morality and spirituality of biblical Christianity, the student’s development of a vibrant Christian life, and the identification of error and heresy are all topics of concern in the chapel program. Chapel attendance is more critical to the spiritual formation of a student than class attendance.
  • Students must attend daily chapels held every Monday through Friday for the preaching of God’s word.
  • Student Body or Society meetings are held on most Fridays during the chapel hour.
    • No other student meetings are allowed without the express approval of the President or the Executive Council.
  • Respect for the Lord and His Word is expected. Sleeping, talking, studying, eating, cell phone use, and any other distracting behaviors will result in disciplinary action.
  • Use of a Bible (paper version or electronic copy) is expected.
  • Students are responsible for all chapel announcements.
  • Permission to be absent from chapel must be excused through the Student Life Office using the Absence Reporting form.
    • Students may not be absent from chapel only.
    • Any student on campus during chapel must be in chapel.
    • Doctor’s appointments, business interviews, and similar appointments are not normally permitted during chapel.

Note: If you are singing or playing in chapel, also see Chapel Music Participant Guidelines.


Students are permitted to miss up to two days of chapel per week if the internship is a requirement for a class or major and the student is receiving credit for the internship. If these factors are not met, then the internship is considered a part-time job, and students are not permitted to miss chapel for work. To apply for a chapel exception, please complete the Internship Chapel Exception and turn it in to the Student Life Office.

Off-Campus Students

Off-campus students are expected to attend chapel if they have a class immediately before or after chapel. Exceptions to this policy can be directed to the Dean of Students for consideration.
  • If you desire to take a personal day and miss chapel, you must cut all of your classes that day to be excused from chapel. To be excused from chapel, please notify the Student Life Office.
  • Off-campus students that are taking 6 or fewer residential credits do not have to attend chapel.

Older Students

Students who turn 23 prior to the start of the semester (September 1 or January 15) may opt out of Student Body and Society chapels by contacting the Student Life Office.
Older students should attend Student Body and Society chapels until they opt out [SL 6/21].

Married Students

Married students do not have to attend Society or Student Body chapels. You are not permitted to be on campus while these chapels are in session if you desire to miss these chapels.

Note: Exceptions to the chapel attendance policy may be granted to Married Students on a case-by-case basis. Please see the Student Life Office.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]