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Networking: The Key to a Thriving Community

In any community, each member must contribute to the group in order for the community to thrive. The same principle applies to the world of music, creating a need for networking among musicians to bring knowledge, experience, and fresh ideas to the table. Several of MBU’s music faculty weighed in on this topic, bringing their…

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Alumni Spotlight – Sarah Stevens

The strains of a 12-year old’s piano practice drifted through an open window. They floated down the street and through the windows of the nearby houses. That is how Sarah Stevens’ piano teaching career began, though she didn’t know it at the time. Neighboring parents heard her practicing and began to ask if she would…

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Guest Speakers Inspire University Musicians

Research shows that bringing in outside speakers with varied perspectives and experience to business and educational functions produces long-lasting benefits to the audience. The Maranatha music department recently brought in several speakers to give MBU’s music students a fresh look at the field they plan on working in through presenting them with proven strategies and…

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MBU Pedagogy Program Receives Approval for “MTNA Collegiate Chapter”

Music Teachers’ National Association (MTNA) has been empowering music teachers to teach confidently and effectively for years. One of the ways MTNA supports music teachers is through the establishment of local and collegiate chapters designed to meet the specific needs of local teachers. Maranatha recently received MTNA’s approval to launch their own official collegiate chapter,…

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Musicians for Life – Miss Janet Tschida

Janet Tschida

How did your interest in music begin? My mom was always singing to us as kids. In fact, she still sings to the grandkids all of the time. So I have loved music ever since I can remember. Like a true music nerd, I always begged for music toys for Christmas—the “1984 crazy combo horn…

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Developing Music Replicators into Creators

Article written by Janet Tschida, Assistant Professor of Music and Music School Director for Maranatha Music Prep School. Imagine taking art lessons and only painting by numbers or tracing pictures. Would we classify ourselves as artists? Imagine only being able to speak or write using words that someone has already written. Would we be able…

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