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Faculty Openings

Full-Time Nursing Faculty

Maranatha is currently seeking a qualified individual to teach in the School of Nursing. The individual must meet all of the faith-based essentials for employment at Maranatha Baptist University, plus the following:

  • Master of Science in Nursing degree – Consideration will be given to hiring an individual with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree with the appropriate experience who is willing to actively pursue, at MBU’s expense, a Master of Science in Nursing immediately upon hire.
  • Three years (minimum) current nursing experience
  • Wisconsin license (or non-encumbered license that can be transferred)
  • A discerning Christian worldview
  • Experience or interest in course management systems
  • Teaching experience preferred

If interested, please review the Qualifications, Statement of Faith and submit the Faculty Application.


Online Adjunct Faculty (All Subjects)

Maranatha is seeking qualified individuals to become part of the online adjunct faculty pool (no relocation necessary). Applications are being received for all subject areas, with specific needs in the areas of Business, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Geography, History, and Web Design. Applicants must possess an earned master’s degree or above in the academic field in which they would teach and be members in good standing with a like-minded church in their hometown.

If interested, please review the essential qualifications for online faculty and submit an online pre-application.

Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, age, or the presence of a disability, when otherwise qualified.

Essential Qualifications

Even though we desire faculty with outstanding academic credentials and good pedagogical and communication skills, these qualities are second to our desire to maintain fundamental Baptist distinctives and ethos. By God’s grace, Maranatha will never knowingly appoint individuals to faculty positions whose beliefs or practices are at variance with Maranatha’s deeply held and biblically supported religious convictions. Therefore,

  • Faculty members must be fundamental Baptists by practice and conviction.
  • Individual life styles must be in conformity to Biblical teaching related to morality and virtue.
  • The sanctity of the Christian home is guarded by never employing or retaining employees or employee spouses who are or have ever been divorced.
  • As an employee of Maranatha, you are expected to help accomplish the mission in ways that include but are not limited to: leading students in prayer, giving Biblical advice, mentoring in spiritual matters, helping students develop Christian maturity, and teaching the Word of God. This leadership of students should be accomplished through direct communication with the students, and it must also be accomplished by the example you set in your personal life both at and away from the ministry.

If you meet these pre-qualification conditions, then Maranatha is looking for individuals who:

  • Possess graduate degrees or higher in the field of teaching, or
  • Possess a graduate degree or higher and are willing to pursue additional graduate training in the field of study. If one possesses an accredited master’s degree, 18 hours of additional graduate training in the field of teaching would be a prerequisite to consideration for promotion or unqualified retention. One who does not have an accredited master’s degree in the field in which they are teaching would be expected to pursue an accredited master’s or doctoral degree through our Advanced Education Program.
  • In rare cases, the college will consider an arrangement with an individual possessing a bachelor’s degree in the field who is accepted and progressing through a graduate program at the time of application.

If you would like more information regarding the wonderful ministry of teaching at Maranatha, please go to the Faculty Employment page or contact Will Licht, Vice President for Academic Affairs.