Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic Hall of Fame

Induction into the Maranatha Athletics Hall of Fame is given to alumni who have shown outstanding ability in sports, have shared their abilities with others, and have used their abilities for Christ.


  • Maranatha graduate or coach/athletic personnel
  • Twenty or more years since graduation from Maranatha or 10 years minimum as a coach or athletic personnel for Maranatha
  • Significant support to Maranatha through promotion of the institution, recruitment of students, prayer or financial support
  • Significant involvement in leadership in his/her fundamental, independent Baptist Church or the cause of Christ in general
  • Faithful testimony in his/her chosen career
  • Faithful family testimony
  • Significant athletic performances or contribution such as team captain, leading scorer, stat leader, conference recognition or career highs
  • Testimony and involvement (leader on campus, extracurricular activities besides athletics, ministry involvement) while in college

Nomination Process

  • Alumni will be able to turn in nominations to the committee between August and January.
  • A selection committee will be made up of Director of Alumni Services, Alumni Association President, Athletic Director or Assistant Athletic Director, a representative from the Athletic Committee, and the Dean of Students. At least one member of the committee shall be a female.
  • The committee will have from January to May to review the nominations and make a selection. The committee will then give a recommendation to the athletic committee. If the athletic committee approves the nominees, the selection will be sent to the Administrative Cabinet for final approval.
  • From May to July, work will be done on the program, awards, etc.
  • Induction will take place during the fall Alumni meeting/games.
  • After the first year, 1-2 inductions will be done every year at the recommendation of the nomination committee.
  • The Athletic Director will be responsible to contact the recipients and their families.

Awards and Displays

A plaque with the inductee’s picture and a summary of his/her accomplishments will be hung in the Gymnasium lobby. Each inductee will receive an award indicating his/her name and date of induction.

Previous Inductees

2012: Elaine (Bartosh) Smith (Volleyball, Basketball, Softball)
2008: Jerry Terrill (Coach)
2007: Lori (Oestreich) Loftus (Basketball, Volleyball)
2006: Randy Peterson (Football, Wrestling)
2005: John Goetsch (Football, Basketball)
2005: Ben Peterson (Coach)
204: B. Myron Cedarholm (Contributor)
2004: Richard Weeks (Contributor)