National Project

Each year the Alumni Association adopts a national project to provide a useful addition to the campus of Maranatha. Students, guests, and alumni can readily see the impact we’ve made in many different areas.

This year’s project is called The Big Picture Project. We will be funding the purchase and installation of new audio and video equipment in the main Dining Hall of the Dining Complex. Interestingly, nearly every venue on campus (classrooms, lecture halls, chapel, and Fine Arts venues) is currently equipped with a video projector, except the Dining Hall. This beautiful space hosts many large gatherings and programs. With each program presentation, temporary audio and video equipment must be set up and later removed. But the real issue is that the equipment is not adequate for the size of the space. With a permanent system, everyone in the room will be able to see the Big Picture.

Would you please begin to pray for this project and ask the Lord to supply the needed funds to make our premier events held in the Dining Hall extra special—with all the attendees able to see and hear the presentations? Much more information will be coming soon.