National Project

RestroompeopleYou can help fund new handicap-accessible restrooms on Old Main’s first floor! Steve Board, who teaches in our Business Department and is the Director of Development, has an architectural degree. He has identified space to add easily accessible public restrooms near Old Main’s west entrance.

The project goal is $30,000. This will provide for the needed structural changes, fixtures, tradesmen’s labor, and finishing work. Although this is not a glamorous project, no one can dispute that it is a necessary one. Hundreds of people visit Old Main daily; the convenience of first floor restrooms will be greatly appreciated.

As a way to say thank you, a handsome ceramic coffee mug with an Alumni Association logo will be sent out for gifts of $35 or more. For gifts of $100 or more, donors will receive an embroidered fleece throw to keep them warm.

Everyone who gives these amounts will receive the gifts. You can give by cash or check in the Alumni Office or give at the bottom of the screen. Whatever you give will be a blessing and greatly appreciated.

Gender Wars Update:

Since our project involves designated restrooms for Men and Women, there is a competition to see which gender will give the most! Undoubtedly this friendly competition may spark some discussions between husbands and wives. Unless otherwise noted, the gifts received are credited to the gender that signs the donation gift. If a couple has already given and wish their donation to be counted differently, please contact Danae at the Alumni Office 920-206-2371 or and corrections will be made. And remember, this is a friendly completion, so; let the best man win! (I mean person). To date it appears that the men are ahead!