National Project

Each year the Alumni Association adopts a national project to provide a useful addition to the campus of Maranatha. Students, guests, and alumni can readily see the impact we’ve made in many different areas.

This year’s National Project is another rich opportunity to impact the life of students, alumni and community guests of Maranatha. The Big Picture Project will fund the purchase and installation of a large screen projection system and an enhanced sound system for the Dining Hall.

Currently, the Dining Hall is the only large-group venue without a permanently installed audio-video system. The need is great as the space is used for many important gatherings:

  • Annual Alumni Dinner during Alumni Weekend
  • Regular evening events sponsored by the Office of Student Activities
  • Community Business Breakfasts
  • Business Lecture Series

Special BanquetsMeetings held in the Dining Hall are high profile events that project an important image about who Maranatha is and what we are trying to accomplish. Valuable opportunities to make lasting impressions are a part of each of these gatherings. Students are taught the importance of excellence in event planning and presentation during such meetings; the community is given a glimpse of Maranatha’s commitment to quality as they attend events and alumni see how they are valued in the eyes of the university as they are welcomed to campus. Utilizing temporary and inadequate audio-visual equipment simply sends the wrong message about our core values. When a music ensemble cannot be heard their training and preparation are unnoticed. When a preacher or presenter cannot be heard, or the presentation cannot be cleared viewed an opportunity to touch a life is lost. The Big Picture Project represents a great need and will facilitate bringing to life the powerful message of God’s Word, and the wonderful testimony of Maranatha.

The Project Goal… $20,000 – Quality equipment and installation carries a price. As good stewards, the staff has carefully negotiated a fair and equitable price for the equipment. You can be assured that a balance of cost and quality has been reached; the result is a project that meets a worthwhile need and will provide lasting service for many years.Dr. Davis, Alumni Director, encourages each alumnus to pray for the Project and about their ability to help. As each one considers doing something, the Lord will provide the need.

Ways to Give – Online giving is easy, just follow the kink below. You may give over the phone, call the Alumni Office at 920-206-2371, or mail your gift to MBU Alumni Office, 745 W. Main Street, Watertown, WI 53094

Would you please pray for this project and ask the Lord to supply the needed funds to make our premier events held in the Dining Hall extra special—with all the attendees able to see and hear the presentations?