We’re here to serve you. Here are the various ways we do it.

Laminate Your Paper

Why would you want to laminate something?

Some people want to cut out letters and pictures for their classroom. They want to be able to keep and use them for a long time. Others have a sheet of paper they want to be able to write on and wipe clean to use again! And yet others want to hang a poster in an area they know will get it wet or dirty.

If any of these are are true of you, come to the library and get your paper laminated. See our Lamination page for more information.

Repair Your Books

It also happens from time to time that patrons damage their own personal books. When this happens we’re always happy to assist in repairing the book. Read the Book Repair page for prices and options.

Selling Reasonably-Priced Books

Kind folk from around the country donate books to our library. When we get new books and decide to keep them we need to get rid of some. That’s why we have a Book Sale every so often at the library. Come and get some great deals!

Reserve a Study Room

If you need to have an extra-quiet place to study or tutor someone, consider reserving a study room. Read the Study Rooms page for details.

Succeed in School

Located in the library, the Academic Success Center is here to help you succeed with your school work. Read the Academic Success Center page to learn more.

How Else May We Serve You?

We also provide the following services for our patrons…