Plan a Visit

When should I visit?

Maranatha welcomes visitors almost anytime during the semester. Check your calendar to see what dates work best for you! Plan a visit to be on week days to get the best campus experience. Maranatha also host several Visitor Fridays throughout the year that are specifically designed for prospective student visitors.

Please note that the dorms are closed to overnight visitors on the following dates during the 2014-2015 semesters :

  • All Saturday and Sunday nights
  • September 11-13 – HS Soccer/Volleyball Tournament
  • November 20-30 – Thanksgiving Break
  • December 6-8 – Project Due Date
  • December 13-January 18 – Final Exams/Christmas Break
  • January 30-31 – Great Lakes Music Festival
  • February 5-7 – HS Basketball Tournament
  • March 19-29 – Spring Break
  • April 25-27 – Project Due Date
  • May 2-Summer – Final Exams/Commencement/Summer Break

How will I get there?

Map to MBBCMaranatha is located in southeastern Wisconsin. Driving directions are available for those within driving distance.

For visitors who don’t live within driving distance to Maranatha, Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) is the closest aiport to campus. Those who fly into Milwaukee can take the Badger Bus to the Johnson Creek bus stop where Maranatha’s Guest Relations shuttle service can get you the rest of the way here. Maranatha’s shuttle service is free to prospective students. Please check the Badger Bus website for current prices and schedule. Then call Maranatha’s Guest Relations at (920) 206-2370 to arrange a shuttle.


Where will I stay?

As a prospective student (grade 9 to age 25), you are encouraged to stay in the residence halls to get a taste dorm life. You can stay in the dorm at no cost for a maximum of two nights. Remember to bring bedding, a towel, and toiletries! Please note that the dorms are closed on Saturday and Sunday nights as the majority of our students are involved in local church ministry on the weekends.

Those traveling with you can make reservations for a Maranatha Guest Suite upon availability or stay at an Area Hotel.

What will I do on the visit?

Maranatha offers many opportunities for prospective student visitors. You will have the opportunity to attend chapel, visit classes, meet with a faculty advisor, meet with a coach, take a campus tour, and more. Attending chapel and visiting classes are an essential part of the college experience here at Maranatha so prospective students should schedule their visit to allow for those opportunities. Below is a sample schedule for a day:

9:15 a.m.Attend chapel
10:20 a.m.Take a campus tour
11:20 a.m.Visit a class
12:20 p.m.Eat lunch with a faculty or staff member
1:20 p.m.Visit a class
3:00 p.m.Meet with a faculty advisor
EveningEat dinner and attend an athletic game, fine arts event, or other extracurricular activity
10:00 p.m.Stay overnight in the dorm

How do I get started setting up my visit to Maranatha?

Call the Welcome Center at 920-206-2370 or make an online reservation at least 10 days before you come. Give us your contact information, dates for the visit, and let us know what you’d like to do on your visit!