Graceanne Starr

Graceanne Starr Piano Recital Highlights

Graceanne Starr recently performed her senior piano recital. In her performance, Graceanne showcased her technical abilities as a pianist and great composure as a performer. Miss Janet Tschida writes, “One of the strengths of Graceanne’s program was her passage work. She clearly dedicated hours of time to nail the technical passages of many sections under pressure.” Graceanne performed pieces by some of the greats: Bach, Mozart, Schubert, and Ginastera.


Below are highlights from Graceanne’s performance. Pictures are also available to view.


Minuet in B minor, Bach


This Minuet, a charming piece from the composer’s collection of French Suites, maintains the listener’s interest with stylistic articulation and dynamic variation to enhance the other general style characteristics of this time period.


Fantasia in D minor K. 397, Mozart

The last 10 measures of Mozart’s Fantasia in D minor were lost over time. Historians believe that a man named August Muller finished the piece. Despite this compositional anomaly, this piece is still quite expressive and imaginative. Because of the many moods and tempo changes consistent with the form, the listener and performer are free to experience the varying degrees of emotion woven throughout this lovely piece.



Graceanne Starr prepared her recital under the direction of June Brus and Rebecca Bonam in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music with concentrations in Arranging and Piano Pedagogy.