3 Reasons to Take Dual Enrollment Classes in High School

What do you think of when you hear the term “dual enrollment”? Perhaps you view it as work for ambitious people. Maybe the idea of taking college classes as a high schooler seems daunting. Or perhaps you view it as an opportunity to learn more than you’re already learning.

Well, dual enrollment is a great opportunity! If you’re a high school junior or senior, you can maximize your future college experience by taking dual enrollment classes right now. Here are three good reasons why you should dual enroll.

1. Save Time

First, taking dual enrollment classes in high school saves you time when you get to college. The more college classes you take in high school, the fewer you will have to take when you get to college. This leaves you more time to participate in extracurricular activities once you get on campus—or to even take classes outside of your major.

Many students take general education classes (classes required for every student) in high school so they can focus on the core classes for their major once they get to campus. Most students just like to get a few classes out of the way, but some complete one or two academic years before they reach campus. Imagine stepping onto campus for the first time as a sophomore or even a junior!

Here are the five core classes required for MBU freshmen that you could take in high school: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, The Modern World, English Composition 1, and English Composition 2.

2. Save Money

In addition to saving time, you can also save money. Online college classes cost far less for high school students dual enrolling than they would for undergraduate students taking online classes.

For example, one three-credit dual enrollment class through MBU costs $570, which is nearly 60% less than regular online tuition for undergraduate students. If you took two full years of dual enrollment, you could save up to $30,000 from your overall college expenses. But even taking just one or two dual enrollment classes in high school will put you at a significant financial advantage when you get to college.

If the prospect of paying for four years of college seems daunting, consider dual enrollment as a possible solution.         

3. Save Headache (Be prepared!)

In addition to saving time and money, dual enrollment also prepares you for entering college life and beyond. Regardless of whether you plan on attending MBU, dual enrollment gives you a good idea of what the college workload is like. If you plan to attend MBU, getting a feel for our online learning management system (LMS) before you come to campus will give you a leg up once you get here.

But there’s more—even if you aren’t planning on going to college, you can still benefit from taking college courses in high school. Most trade schools require that their students have taken general education courses, such as English Composition and The Modern World. Other courses, such as Computer Applications and Accounting, equip you with valuable skills if you’re planning to enter the work world soon. No matter what your plans are after high school, taking college classes while in high school will better prepare you for whatever lies beyond.

Learn more about dual enrollment, or enroll today and get a head start on college.