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Music & Drama Camp

Music & Drama Camp | June 10-14, 2024

Experience the exhilaration of learning and rehearsing under professional musicians, theater directors, and acting coaches at camp! You will make new friends and have fun learning, rehearsing, doing group activities, and performing.

Register TODAY! Early-bird rate registration deadline: April 10, 2024
Registration closes: May 1, 2024
Audition forms with video links due: May 1, 2024

Camp Checklist

Choose a Track


  •  Beginning Band | no band experience | Directed by Ms. Teresa Herbert
    • minimum age: going into 5th grade
    • bring your chosen instrument (rent from a store like White House of Music)
    • $190/$240 for Day Camp: 9:00 AM – Noon, no meals included
  • Intermediate Band | 1-2 years of band experience | Directed by Mr. Andrew Bonnema
    • $260/$310 for Day Camp: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, includes lunch
    • Ideally campers going into 6th – 7th grades
      • Campers age 12 by the January before camp must pay the full price and may participate in all activities and stay overnight
  • Advanced Band | 3 or more years of band experieince | Directed by Dr. David Brown
    • see early-bird and regular camp pricing below
    • Ideally campers 7-12th grades


  • Rehearse with the band.
  • Sing in the camp choir.
  • Participate in the General Music Electives.
  • Perform in the Friday concert.
  • For questions regarding band track, email Dr. David Brown.

What to bring

  • Your instrument
  • See list below of Ages/What to Bring.


  • Under the direction of Mr. Stephen Robertson
  • Performing the musical Cinderella: Youth Edition
  • Drama campers must be age 12 by January 2024 thru 2024 highschool graduates.
  • Auditions are for part placement only. Audition videos due May 1.


  • Learn acting, blocking, choreography
  • Work on vocal training/drama techniques.
  • Perform in the Friday play performances.
  • Sing in the all-camp choir (see what to bring below for concert clothes)


  • Girls – please bring a knee midi length black skirt, black pants (not leggings), closed-toed black shoes (flats, no heels), long sleeved black shirt, and black tank tops for wearing under costumes (no lettering or symbols, etc.). Nice clothes for Friday all-camper choir concert (skirts/dresses).
  • Guys – please bring black shoes (no colored soles), black socks, black pants, long sleeved black shirt, and black tank tops for wearing under costumes (no lettering or symbols, etc.). Nice clothes for Friday all-camper choir concert (collared shirts and nice pants for guys).
  • See list below of Ages/What to Bring for additional items needed.

For questions regarding the drama track, email Mr. Stephen Robertson.


  • Intermediate 
  • Advanced
  • Piano campers must be age 12 by January 2024 thru 2024 highschool graduates.


  • Play in piano ensembles.
  • Study with music faculty in private lessons.
  • Learn about improvisation, technique, artistry, practicing strategies, and more in specialized classes offered on a rotational basis to keep content fresh for returning campers.
  • Enjoy music electives with band and string campers.
  • Sing in the camp choir.



  • pencils
  • notebook
  • solo piano music for private lessons
  • metronome
  • See list below of Ages/What to Bring for additional items needed.

For questions regarding the piano track, email Janet Tschida. 

    Choose the camp length depending on age.

    • Campers age 7-10 – $190 for Day Camp: 9:00 AM – Noon, no meals included
    • Campers 11 and 12 (not 12 by January before camp) $260 for Day Camp: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, includes lunch
    • Campers 12 by January before camp through highschool graduates – See regular camp tuition and early-bird and regular camp pricing below

    Track levels available are

    • Andante Strings – Suzuki book 1 (morning camp – 9:00-Noon)
    • Allegro Strings – Suzuki book 2-3
    • Vivace Strings – Suzuki book 4 and higher


      • Rehearse with your group.
      • Sing in the camp choir.
      • Participate in General Music Electives.
      • Perform in the Friday concert.



      • Your instrument
      • See list below of Ages/What to Bring for additional items needed.

      For questions regarding the strings track please email Ms. Melody Steinbart.

      Enjoy all the fun of the stage, without standing in the spotlight. Join us for a week of technical theatre, where you will learn the basics of set construction, painting techniques, lighting, sound, and running a production from behind the scenes. You will help build a entire set in one week and see it “come to life” in the Drama Camp’s production.

      Campers will be stretching flats, building frames and platforms, and painting scenes. They will learn about tool usage and safety, constructing moveable stages, production organization, stage movements, and lighting design, settings, and controls.

      No previous experience is needed, as training will be provided for both beginning and experienced stagehands. 

      Space is limited for this track. Register early! 

      STAGE CREW will 

      • Construct the sets used for the Musical Drama
      • Learn lighting and sound
      • Receive training in production operations
      • Sing in the all-camp choir (see what to bring below for concert clothes)

      STAGE CREW is for

      • Campers going into grade 8 and up.

      For questions regarding the strings track please email Mr. Isaiah Oetken.


      • Clothes for painting during the week.
      • Black clothes to wear during productions backstage.
      • Nice clothes for Friday choir concert (collared shirts and nice pants for guys, skirts/dresses for girls).
      • See list below of Ages/What to Bring for additional items needed.

      Meet Our Camp Faculty

      Andrew Bonnema

      Andrew Bonnema

      Intermediate Band

      Ruth Brown

      Ruth Brown


      Stanislava Varshavski

      Stanislava Varshavski


      Teresa Herbert

      Teresa Herbert

      Beginning Band

      David Ledgerwood

      David Ledgerwood


      Angela Morris

      Angela Morris

      Musical Drama

      Isaiah Oetken

      Isaiah Oetken


      Stephen Robertson

      Stephen Robertson

      Musical Drama

      Melody Steinbart

      Melody Steinbart


      Joseph Steinbart

      Joseph Steinbart


      Janet Tschida

      Janet Tschida


      Dr. David Brown

      Dr. David Brown

      Advanced Band

      You don’t spend all of your time with just drama, or string, or piano people. You get to branch out and broaden your horizons. Plus, the food is really great!

      Kimberly McDaniel


      Maranatha Band camp is a great opportunity for homeschooled students to get a chance to play in a band!

      Seth Hudson


      The best part about summer camp was the fact I was surrounded by people who were as dedicated to their instrument as I was. The teachers were the greatest encouragement to better myself for God’s glory.

      Lizzie Conrad


      As a parent, my mind was put at ease knowing that the girls were in the hands of exceptionally competent and caring instructors, leaders, and sponsors.

      Stephanie Griggs

      Mother of Camper

      I was encouraged to witness the incredible progress made by my students in one week of camp.

      Dr. David Townsend

      Freedom Christian School

      We are surrounded by other musicians for the whole week, and we have access to many great musical professors and counselors...I look forward to Music Camp for months and count down the days until it begins!

      Elizabeth Hudson


      My girls and I LOVED our experience at Maranatha and I hope to bring more kiddos next summer to experience what we did! Such a unique opportunity, and combining music and summer camp together in a Christian atmosphere is an unbelievable experience.

      Lynn Betzold

      Volunteer/Mom of campers

      Maranatha’s Music Camp not only is a great asset to learning my instrument, but it is also great fun!! The activities are great, I met new friends, and I learned lots of music.

      Sarah Howell


      I had an absolutely amazing time at camp and would recommend Maranatha’s Music and Drama Camp to anyone wanting to learn their instrument better.

      Clayton Sparks


      More Information

      Registration & Payment Info


      • Registration opens February 15 and closes May 1, 2024.
      • All campers must register online.
      • The non-refundable $35 registration fee is due upon registration. The balance is due by May 10.

      2024 Camper Rates:

      Age Group By April 10 By May 1
      Teen tuition (age 12 by January to 18) $365 $415
      Underage (11-12 year old’s but not 12 by January) (for Band and String Tracks only) 9:00 AM-5:00 PM $260 $310
      Morning only (ages 7-10 in strings, age 10  in band) 9:00 AM-12:00 PM $190 $240

      See also Scholarships and Discounts tabs below

      Payment Policies:

      • Online payments only, please.
      • The $35 registration fee goes toward the full camp tuition amount.
      • Camp payments are due in full by May 1 for the purpose of an expedient camper check-in experience.
      • Refunds: Refund requests must be received in written form via email to Katie Potter. The registration fee is non-refundable, and refunds will not be given after May 1. 
      2024 Camp Scholarship Information

      Scholarship option 1: NEW CAMPER SCHOLARSHIP

      To be eligible for a scholarship:

      • This must be your first time attending Maranatha Music and Drama Camp.
      • You must be entering your Junior or Senior year in High School.

      To apply for the camp scholarship, complete the following by April 10:

      • Register for Music and Drama Camp ($35 fee).
      • Submit a performance video showcasing your skills (7 minutes or less). Upload the video to YouTube and submit the link on your scholarship application.
      • Complete a short camp scholarship application answering the following three questions:
        • Describe how you are currently using music to make a difference in the lives of others (outreach opportunities, church, missions, service projects, etc.).
        • Identify your goals and aspirations as they relate to your future education and career and share how you see God’s leading in your life.
        • Provide specific examples illustrating your level of serious commitment to your music studies.

      Scholarship option 2: Maranatha Fac/Staff Discount Scholarship

      Children of current, full-time MBU faculty/staff will receive discounts of $100 (full teen camp), $75 (day camp), $50 (morning camp) per child.

          Camper Check-In Info

          Camper Check-In Times:

          • Sunday night from 9:00-9:30 PM (please see info below on arriving on Sunday Night).
          • Monday, June 6, 8:00-11:30 AM (some tracks have auditions during this time)
          • Dining Complex Lobby

          Arriving on Sunday night/leaving on Saturday:

          • Campers arriving on Sunday or leaving on Saturday must indicate this on their registration form and pay an additional $15 fee. For camper safety and supervision reasons, students not registered for the extra nights will not be allowed to stay.
          • Campers will be provided a continental breakfast on Monday and Saturday mornings.
          • Campers cannot arrive earlier than 7:00 PM on Sunday and must leave no later than 8:00 AM on Saturday.
          • Campers arriving on Sunday night will be attending an activity while camp staff have a meeting.

          Camper Cell Phones:

          • In order to promote an environment of learning and making new friends, campers will turn in their cell phones at registration.
          • Cell phones will be kept in a secured location and returned to the campers Thursday night at supper.
          • Note: this year, camp pictures be placed daily in a google drive. Only select pictures will be posted on Facebook. 

          Campers’ first/last meal:

          • The first meal is lunch on Monday.
          • The last meal is supper on Friday.

          Transportation to and from the airport: 

          • Campers flying in for camp needing transportation should take the Badger Bus to Johnson Creek. Maranatha will provide transportation for campers to and from Johnson Creek, but will not be able transport campers to and from the airports directly.
          • Campers needing to be picked up from the Badger Bus stop in Johnson Creek should contact Katie Potter.

          Immunization and Insurance Waivers:

          Campers without insurance or up-to-date immunizations must sign waiver forms and bring them to camper check-in.

          Contacting a Camper

          Contacting Campers:

          • For emergencies, parents can call Katie Potter at 716-479-3174 to get in contact with a camper.
          • In the event a camper needs to make an emergency phone call, (s)he may do so with the assistance of a camp worker (all camp workers carry a cell phone, and the call can be made right away from their phone).
          Ages/What To Bring

          Camper Ages:

          • Campers must be 12 years old as of January 1, 2024, or older to participate in evening activities and stay in the dorms. Campers not 12 as of January 1, 2024, have various options – please see registration and payment info tab.

          Camper Dress Code:

          • Clothing should be appropriate for the specific camp and always modest. Campers wear modest shirts and loose-fitting pants/jeans or knee-length shorts/skirts for classes and rehearsals.
          • Since all campers will be in the all-camp choir, all campers should bring clothes for Friday concerts – dress pants/collared shirts for men and skirts/dresses for women.

          What to Bring:

          • Water bottle
          • Personal items such as a towel, soap, sleeping bag/bedding, pillow, Bible, notebook, and pencils. Mark all personal items with camper’s name.
          • Personal fan for the dorms.
          • Bring all prescription and over-the-counter medicine to the check-in line in a quart-sized ziplock bag with camper’s name, times for taking the medication, and dosage instructions written in permanent marker on the bag.
          • Indoor and outdoor shoes. Note: Campers using the gyms are required to change into a separate clean pair of non-marking shoes for indoor recreation. Shoes that mark the floors and muddy/dirty shoes are not permitted.
          • Music campers: instrument, music if you take it home each day
          • Drama campers: See your track section above for more specifics.

          What NOT to Bring:

          Magazines, air conditioners, computers/media players, TVs, fireworks, skates, scooters, cell phones, weapons such as knives/guns, and drugs/alcohol/tobacco products of any kind (prescription medications will be collected and distributed by the camp nurse). Clothing should not have offensive graphics or words.

            Adults Working at Camp

            We have opportunities for adults during camp, but adults must complete the four “Adult application” steps below and get a background check through MBU Human Resources (an e-mail will be sent to you).

            Options for adults helping at camp include…

            1. Parents/sponsors can stay in the dorms.

            • Option 1: stay in dorms, but not help with with camp. Pay $100 for room and board.
            • Option 2: help in a track or op staff during the day (as needed). Receive room and board free. Contact for options.

            2. By invite only, some adults are asked to co-direct a track. These adults receive meals and a small honorarium. Contact for available guest housing if you live out of town.

            3. College students can assist in a track during the day (at approval of the track leader), provide dorm supervision in the evening, and receive $175 toward travel expenses.

            • MBU College students may receive academic credit for fieldwork through camp track participation. Talk to your university advisor for official approval.
              • Music Education: No fieldwork credit available.
              • Piano/String Pedagogy: Fulfills 1 semester of fieldwork (for reporting fieldwork, see pedagogy fieldwork requirements). Piano pedagogy students graduating in less than 8 semesters may substitute a required semester of prep school student teaching with this option (with additional assignments). Obtain permission from Janet Tschida before applying.
              • Any Music Degree Student: Fulfills 1 academic internship credit. No tuition will be assessed for this credit; however, you will need to pay the transcript fee of $25. See music internship course syllabus requirements for additional details. Obtain permission from David Ledgerwood before applying.
              • Drama Productions: Internship in directing, stage work, or costuming (see DP Internship Requirements). Fulfills one required or elective course. Obtain permission from your advisor before applying.
              Adult Application

              Application Steps:

              ALL adults (18 and older), including all parents, sponsors, staff, and faculty, who are involved in any supervisory or participatory role in the camps and/or are staying overnight in the dorms MUST do the following:

              For the safety of our campers, adults NOT complying with the above requirements will NOT be allowed to supervise/participate in the camp. No exceptions. Adults simply observing and not staying in the dorms do not need to complete the above requirements. Note to those staying in dorms: Please be careful not to bring anything that might be offensive to campers (computer games, music played, other pictures/paraphernalia, etc.).

              Sponsors staying in dorms $100 (includes meals). 

              Contact questions:
              • Who can I contact if I have a question before camp? See Contact a Camper section above and Contact Info for camp staff below.

              Schedule questions:

              • Can anyone attend the Friday concerts? yes
              • Do I need to pay for or reserve a ticket for any performance? No, just come early and grab a seat!

              Miscellaneous questions:

              • What should I bring/wear? Please see the section above under Ages/What to Bring.
              Contact Info

              If you still have questions after reading the website, please do not hesitate to contact us. For questions regarding…


              If you do not receive a prompt response (sometimes the spam filter blocks emails), please e-mail Katie Potter or call at 920-206-2350.  Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions in the section above.