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 Title IX Training @ MBU

Federal regulation 34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10)(i)(D) requires universities to maintain seven years of records of all materials used to train Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, and any person who facilitates an informal resolution process. As such, MBU must make these training materials publicly available here for inspection by members of the public.

MBU Personnel Training Experience

Eric Hassenplug, Title IX Coordinator

Timothy Johns, Title IX Lead Investigator

    • ATIXA Civil Right Investigator Level One Training & Certification Course, June 2015
    • ATIXA Civil Right Investigator Level Two Training & Certification Course, July 2016
    • ATIXA Civil Right Investigator Level One Training & Certification Course, August 2017

Jennifer Meinhardt, Title IX Investigator

    • ATIXA Civil Right Investigator Level One Training & Certification Course, July 2016

All MBU Employees

Title IX Hearing Panel/Investigators/Coordinator

Additional Protections

Title IX is a powerful tool to protect college students from unwanted sexual attention, harassment, and assault. But it is not the only protection available at Maranatha. The Biblical values that govern our actions and expectations provide the strongest motivation to treat every individual with the respect and dignity they deserve. The following additional protections may be relevant to incidents and interactions in this area:



In addition to the specific rights and resources discussed above, the MBU Student Life Office exists to support students in times of crisis and need. From the Deans, Dorm Supervisors, and other Student Life personnel are dedicated to being there for you should you find yourself in need of help. If you’re not sure where to turn, you can trust the Student Life Office to compassionately help you work through your options and support you through this trying time in your life. Every student should be safe to learn and achieve, and no student should ever be victimized by sexual harassment or assault. Every student has the right to equal access to education, and these policies provide new and meaningful protections for survivors of sexual harassment and assault while balancing the scales of justice on campus.