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  • Marketing Management

Degree Overview

Maranatha's Mathematics Education program trains you to sharpen and develop your math abilities for use in a teaching ministry. Learn to open students' eyes to the practical side of math: measuring scientific data, determining medicinal drug dosages, and interpreting political, economic, and even sports statistics. With such an acute shortage of math teachers in America, a degree in Math Education ensures a promising teaching career and allows you to pursue graduate work in other disciplines, such as science or medicine.

Potential Careers*

  • Math teacher
  • Statistician
  • Math curriculum writer
  • Financial Analyst

*Some careers and employment positions require graduate degrees, specialized training, or additional certification and licenses.

Experienced Faculty

Math Education Program Outcomes

The Math Education program will train pre-service teachers in math content knowledge to pass the Praxis II Math Content test on the first attempt with a passing rate of 80 percent.

The Math Education Program will train pre-service teachers in the skills of teaching math to be able to pass student teaching and the future Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) during student teaching on the first attempt.

The Math Education Program will prepare pre-service teachers to possess positive dispositional domains of moral conduct and work ethic, and academic success as demonstrated on the dispositional rubric evaluations, Praxis II and college conduct records.