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Overview | Math Education

Maranatha’s Mathematics Education program trains you to sharpen and develop your math abilities for use in a teaching ministry. Learn to open students’ eyes to the practical side of math: measuring scientific data, determining medicinal drug dosages, and interpreting political, economic, and even sports statistics. With such an acute shortage of math teachers in America, a degree in Math Education ensures a promising teaching career and allows you to pursue graduate work in other disciplines, such as science or medicine.


Program Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to identify a variety of differences among students and individualize instruction accordingly.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively plan for instruction, incorporating a wide variety of strategies for instruction and classroom management.
  • Students will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of secondary mathematics content and apply this knowledge to teaching.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to conduct and interpret a wide variety of assessments.
  • Students will demonstrate professionalism in education.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to teach content according to a biblical worldview.

Suggested Course Schedule

Semester 1

Introduction to Sociology (3)
Probability & Statistics (3)
Old Testament Survey (3)
English Composition 1 (3)
Concepts in Biochemistry (3)
The Modern World (3)

Total Credits: 18

Semester 2

New Testament Survey (3)
English Composition 2 (3)
Freshman Fieldwork (0)
Foundations of Education (2)
Calculus 1 (5)
American Studies Elective (3)

Total Credits: 16

Semester 1

Secondary & Middle School Teaching Methods (2)
Calculus 2 (5)
Foundations of Mathematics (2)
Baptist Heritage (3)
Human Relations (3)

Total Credits: 15

Semester 2

Sophomore Fieldwork (0)
Developmental Psychology (3)
Calculus 3 (3)
Math/Open Elective* (2-3)
Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism (3)
Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2)
Music Elective (2)

Total Credits: 15-16

*Students may be required to take Pre-Calculus, if necessary

Semester 1

The Exceptional Child (3)
Instructional Media and Technology (3)
Math/Open Elective** (2-3)
Differential Equations (3)
Bible Doctrine 1 or 2 (3)
Literature Elective (3)

Total Credits: 17

**Math Electives currently offered include Statistics 2 and Number Theory. Students must choose (at least) one.  

Semester 2

Junior Practicum (0)
Educational Psychology (3)
Linear Algebra (3)
Secondary School Reading (3)
Teaching Mathematics (3)
Math Seminar (2)
Bible Doctrine 1 or 2 (3)

Total Credits: 18


Semester 1

Education Seminar (0)
Pre-ST Portfolio Review (0)
Classroom Management (3)
Educational Assessment (2)
Advanced Geometry (3)
Abstract Algebra (3)
Bible Elective (6)

Total Credits: 17

Semester 2

Student Teaching (12)

Total Credits: 12

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Potential Career Fields

Math teacher
Math curriculum writer
Financial Analyst

*Some careers and employment positions require graduate degrees,
specialized training, or addtional certification and licenses.

MBU Program Faculty

Jodi Herbert

College of Arts and Sciences | Professor
PhD Mathematics, Kansas State University
MS Mathematics, Kansas State University
BS Mathematics Education, Maranatha Baptist University

Regina Delozier

School of Education | Associate Professor
MA Education Curriculum and Instruction, University of Phoenix
BS Mathematics and Engineering Physics, Northeastern State University

Phil Price

College of Arts and Sciences | Associate Professor
MAT Teaching Mathematics, University of Idaho
BS Mathematics Education, Maranatha Baptist University

Christine Lincoln

School of Education | Professor
EdD Curriculum and Instruction, Bob Jones University
MEd Elementary Education, Bob Jones University
BS Elementary Education, Maranatha Baptist University

Bible Core

Dual Degrees