English Comp I Waiver

Since not everyone taking an online course plans to attend Maranatha and since many juniors and seniors in high school have not taken their ACT yet, Maranatha has created a waiver form for students wanting to take the online English Composition I course.

Currently, students pursuing a degree at the college must complete English Composition I and II. In addition, students pursuing a Maranatha degree who score below a 20 on their English ACT will be required to take the English Grammar course; the class is optional for students who score higher than a 20 on their English ACT.

Signing the following form indicates you agree to take English Composition I with the understanding that if you choose to complete a degree at Maranatha and your English ACT score qualifies you for English Grammar, you will take the course and not try to appeal it (use the English Composition I Waiver Form).

Waiver for English Composition I

“I understand that Maranatha requires an English ACT score for accurate English composition placement. I agree that if, in the future, I attend Maranatha and my English ACT score indicates I need the English Grammar course, I will take the course without appealing the decision.”