Bridge Finances

Join Maranatha Affordably

Low-cost tuition when combined with financial aid such as PELL grants and other local scholarships makes Bridge to Campus very affordable. Not only do students save money on tuition, they also save travel time and expenses, greatly reducing or eliminating the need for long-term debt.

Financial Facts (2017-2018)

  • Bridge students receive an automatic tuition discount from Maranatha.
  • $3,500 flat-fee, one-price tuition for a full course load (14 to 18 credit hours).
  • $100 one-time technology & assessment fee (you will then not be charged this when you come to campus)
  • $35 per credit fee for science classes
  • Students may qualify for the PELL grant as well as scholarships and other forms of financial aid.
  • The LIFE (Local Infrastructure Facilities and Education) fee varies according to local amenities.

Courses taken at Maranatha are portable and accepted by other accredited schools. Because Maranatha’s regional accreditation assures students that their transcripts represent high quality learning, students can transfer if they choose not to complete their degree at Maranatha.