Fall 2018 | Undergraduate Virtual Class Schedule

  • All times are listed in Central Time Zone (variable to standard / daylight savings time adjustment)
  • Fall virtual courses run from August 27 - December 12, 2018
  • Some courses require prerequisites to be completed before registration
  • Find course descriptions here
  • See also the Online course schedule

CourseCourse CodeFaculty MemberDaysRequired Meeting Times
(Central Time Zone)
College MathematicsASMA 103Price, PhilipMWF1:30-2:20pm
Intermediate AlgebraASMA 105Price, PhilipMWF11:30am-12:20pm
College AlgebraASMA 131Price, PhilipMWF10:30-11:20am
Pre-CalculusASMA 136Herbert, Dr. JodiMWF11:30am-12:20pm
Abstract AlgebraASMA 339Herbert, Dr. JodiMWF10:30-11:20am
Concepts in BiochemistryASSC 106Meier, TimothyMWF10:30-11:20am
Human BiologyASSC 111Garza-Madrid, Dr. MarcosMWF12:30-1:20pm
General Biology 1*ASSC 120Veenstra, Dr. TimothyMWF11:30am-12:20pm
General Chemistry 1*ASSC 141Veenstra, Dr. TimothyMWF1:30-2:20pm
Anatomy & Physiology 2*ASSC 227Garza-Madrid, Dr. MarcosMWF1:30-2:20pm
Baptist HeritageBIBC 321Saxon, Dr. DavidMWF12:30-1:20pm
Old Testament SurveyBIBI 111Love, Dr. SteveTTh1:30-2:45pm
Hebrew HistoryBIBI 300Saxon, Dr. DavidMWF2:30-3:20pm
Theology 1BIBI 421Meyer, Dr. BruceMWF11:30am-12:20pm
Greek Grammar 1BIGK 111Hudson, Dr. AndrewMWF10:30-11:20am
Greek ReadingBIGK 213Mayes, Dr. PrestonMWF12:30-1:20pm
Exegetical MethodBIGK 315Hudson, Dr. AndrewTWRF12:30-1:20pm
Hebrew Grammar 1BIHE 411Mayes, Dr. PrestonMWF10:30-11:20am
Pastoral Life & LeadershipBIPA 121Loggans, Dr. RobertTTh10:30-11:20am
HomileticsBIPA 327Brock, Dr. BryanTR10:30-11:20am
Theology of Pastoral MinistryBIPA 335Meyer, Dr. BruceTR1:30-2:20pm
Introduction to PhilosophyBIPH 330Brock, Dr. BryanTR8:15-9:05am
Principles of Accounting 1BUAC 243Foster, Dr. TracyMWF11:30am-12:20pm
Intermediate Accounting 1BUAC 341Foster, Dr. TracyMWF12:30-1:20pm
Advanced AccountingBUAC 441Foster, Dr. TracyMWF7:15-8:05am
Federal Taxation 2BUAC 446Foster, Dr. TracyMWF8:15-9:05am
Introduction to Business & ManagementBUMG 112Board, StevenTTh12:00-1:15pm
MacroeconomicsBUMG 222Drost, Dr. JeffMWF8:15-9:05am
Principles of ManagementBUMG 231Stevens, Dr. MarkMWF10:30-11:20am
Business FinanceBUMG 321Drost, Dr. JeffMWF1:30-2:20pm
Principles of MarketingBUMK 251Board, StevenTTh10:30-11:45am
Marketing ManagementBUMK 457Board, SteveTR1:30-2:45pm
PersuasionCASP 245Morris, AngelaTR8:15-9:05am
Theology of MissionsCHMI 210Love, Dr. SteveWF10:30-11:20am
Cultural Geography for EducatorsEDUC 234Zwolanek, MichaelMWF8:15-9:05am
Educational PsychologyEDUC 303Alsup, Dr. PhilipTTh12:00-1:15pm
Classroom Management & Positive BehaviorEDUC 340Lazzell, BobTR1:30-2:45pm
Educational AssessmentEDUC 342Lincoln, Dr. ChristineMW8:15-9:05am
Childcare and DevelopmentELEC 221Coleman, JanelleTTh12:30-1:20pm
Math for the Elementary Teacher 1&2ELED 228DeLozier, ReginaMWF11:30am-12:20pm
Music AppreciationFIMU 236Brown, Dr. DavidTTh11:30am-12:20pm
Introduction to College WritingHUEN 101Madsen, DavidMWF1:30-2:20pm
English Composition 1HUEN 121TBDMW1:30-2:20pm
English Composition 2HUEN 122Mayes, TraciMW1:30-2:20pm
American MasterpiecesHUEN 232Kolwinska, JerryMWF1:30-2:20pm
British Literature 1HUEN 233Huffstutler, NathanMWF11:30am-12:20pm
The Modern WorldHUHI 130Meinhardt, JenniferMWF2:30-3:20pm
US History 1HUHI 141Meinhardt, JenniferMWF12:30-1:20pm
Ancient CivilizationsHUHI 220Zwolanek, MichaelTR1:30-2:45pm
Early American Political ThoughtHUHI 320Meinhardt, JenniferMWF11:30am-12:20pm
Civil War & ReconstructionHUHI 330Licht, Dr. WilliamMWF10:30-11:20am
Native American HistoryHUHI 335Meinhardt, JenniferMWF1:30-2:20pm
Developmental PsychologyHUPS 233Miller, ChristinaMWF10:30-11:20am
Introduction to SociologyHUSO 141Zwolanek, MichaelMWF12:30-1:20pm
Strategies for Postsecondary Academic SuccessMBU 120Miller, ChristinaTTh10:30-11:20am
Secondary & Middle School Teaching MethodsSEED 241Handyside, DavidTTh10:30-11:45am
EcologyASSC 332Veenstra, Dr. TimMWF2:30-3:20pm

*Virtual students are not required to attend the lab sessions; however, they will be required to complete the lab work asynchronously using a labpack and instructions.