Probability and Statistics

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Instructor Who Teaches This Course: Mr. Phil Price

Mr. Phil Price

Mr. Phil Price

 “Calculations are only the beginning− we also study the interpretation and significance of statistics, while discerning between their proper and improper uses.”


Course Details

Code / Name: ASMA 238 − Probability and Statistics  (3 credits)

Probability and StatisticsDescription: A study of probability models, conditional probability, elements of combinatorial math, random variables, discrete and continuous probability distributions, expectations, random sampling, statistics, and estimation and confidence levels.

Prerequisite: ASMA 131 or higher math class

Required Text(s): Please use the online campus bookstore to locate required textbooks for the course. Make sure that you search using the correct course code and look for the course with the “OL” suffix in the drop-down list. (See Textbook Ordering Help.)

Course Workload Preview

The following preview of anticipated course workload is subject to instructor change

  • Complete 11 homework assignments from textbook.
  • Participate in online discussion posts.
  • Take 4 tests, and 1 final exam.