Textbooks: Ordering and Financial Aid

Many students wonder how to find out what textbook(s) are required for a course. The Online Campus Bookstore is the place to go!

Finding Your Books

1. When you go to the bookstore website, you will see a page that looks like this.

Textbook 1

2. Under the “Find Your Course” tab in the middle, click on the white “Select Level” menu and choose your semester.

Textbook 2

3. Then, click the next white “Select Level” menu and choose your course level (most likely, “Undergraduate”).

Textbook 3

4. Now, choose the session of your course in the next white “Select Level” menu.

Textbook 4

5. Finally, find your course. You can simply start typing the name of the course or course code, and it will automatically filter your list. You can also scroll through the entire list if you’d prefer.

Textbook 5

Once you click the name of your course, you will have options to save the course (if you’re looking for multiple classes) or simply view the books and materials. To get the ISBN and other information, simply click on the book title. You can then use this to order your book from another source if you would¬†prefer (such as Maranatha’s Amazon store).

Physical textbooks should be ordered at least 10 days in advance of a course starting; however, many books are now available as e-books. If that is true for your course, you will see it as an option next to the textbook.

Using Financial Aid

If you are currently receiving federal financial aid, such as Pell Grants or Stafford Loans, did you know that you are able to use that financial aid to purchase your textbooks? To do so, you must purchase them through the campus bookstore. Prior to visiting the bookstore site, email DeAnn McKee (DeAn.McKee@mbu.edu) in the Business Office to request a voucher code to use at checkout.