Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies

elementary teacher in classroom with students

The BS in Educational Studies is a flexible program (128 credits) for a non-traditional student teaching or seeking to teach in a Christian school. As regulations continue to tighten, a growing expectation for Christian school teachers is that they hold a regionally-accredited bachelor’s degree. The program is approved for both AACS and ACSI certification. This degree is an excellent first step on the alternative certification pathway to state certification by providing a regionally-accredited bachelor’s degree in educational studies that meets many of the common general studies and teacher education requirements.

Note: The BS in Educational Studies provides an opportunity for non-traditional students to pursue learning in the academic field of education. While it provides a stepping stone in the pursuit of alternative certification through a state, certification by Christian School agencies (AACS/ACSI), alternative education careers, or graduate studies, it does not directly lead to a government-issued professional license or certification.

Bachelor's-Master's Pathway

By taking graduate courses while enrolled as an undergraduate, you can meet requirements for both this program and a future graduate degree. You could graduate with almost half of your Master of Education degree already completed. Contact an advisor to learn more about this exciting option!

Key Courses

  • Biblical Perspectives in Human Relations & Counseling (EDUC 540)
  • Classroom Teaching Methods (EDUC 250)
  • Educational Psychology (EDUC 303)
  • Educational Assessment (EDUC 342)
  • Foundations of Education (EDUC 144)
  • Freshman / Sophomore Fieldwork (EDUC 100/200)
  • Cognate (Elem Ed, English Ed, Special Ed, etc.)24+ credits

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