Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Randy Posey, police officer

The BS in Interdisciplinary Studies (128 credits) is designed to provide students with maximum flexibility. The major is ideal for the student who already has a significant number of credits completed (transfer in up to 98) or would like a customized course of study.

Bachelor's-Master's Pathway

By taking graduate or Seminary courses while enrolled as an undergraduate, you can meet requirements for both this program and a future graduate-level degree. You could graduate with as few as 3 credits left to finish your MA in Bible or other Seminary degree, complete almost half of the Master of Education, or up to a 1/3 of the Master of Organizational Leadership. Contact an advisor to learn more about this exciting option!

Program Requirements

  • Customized Major (36 credits)
  • Open Electives / Minor (37 credits)
  • Liberal Arts Core (31 credits)
  • Biblical Studies Core (24 credits)

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