Dual Enrollment Information for Administrators

MissionsMaranatha Online regularly works along side of Christian schools to assist families and churches in the education and discipleship of high school students. Such arrangements meet the needs of both students and schools.

Dual enrollment is when a college course counts for college credit and also fills high school requirements.

We’d love to be a part of your ministry. Please read our administrator brochure and  contact us for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have dual enrollment at my school?

Schools have many reasons for seeking dual enrollment from Maranatha Online. In cases where a school is growing, it replaces the need for adding HS faculty members too early; in contrast, some schools may have reduced their faculty size and this fills that instructional gap for students. No matter if your school is growing, stable, or contracting, providing dual enrollment is a huge value-added bonus to those attending your school. This provides incentives for students to come and gives additional options to your advanced students. This is a huge benefit to both recruitment and retention.

For the student, the benefits of dual enrollment are immense. College preparation, getting a head start, and saving money are very attractive factors to students. A student who works hard can complete an entire first year at Maranatha, while saving around $15,000.

As it becomes an expectation for high schools to provide dual enrollment opportunities, choosing Maranatha Baptist University means that you are not losing the Christian worldview. The allure of community colleges is strong, with easy accessibility and low costs; however, such a move undermines the philosophy of education that underlies a Christian school in the first place. Maranatha Online provides the solution, with easily accessible and affordable courses provided from a theologically-conservative, Christian university.

For students not ready to be successful in college-level work, we have online high school courses available as well.

Is Maranatha accredited, and will the credits transfer?

Maranatha has regional accreditation, which is the gold standard in the industry. Because of that, our credits are as transferable as the big names in the industry. That being said, it is always up to the receiving institution as to how they will use those credits. For example, a secular institution would almost certainly only use our Bible classes as electives. It is the responsibility of the student to check with the receiving institution to ensure our coursework will meet the specific requirements at the other school.

How do online classes work?

Our courses are rigorous and interactive, bearing little resemblance to correspondence courses. While students may complete coursework at any time of the day or night, there is a weekly schedule keeping them on track. Please read more on our FAQs page. You may also watch our tutorials are the learning management software.

What courses should students take?

Students may take any course for which they meet the prerequisites; however it is up to your school what classes you want them to take to meet their HS requirements while earning college credit. It is always advisable for them to work toward a specific educational requirement here, but that certainly is not mandatory.

You may browse our full selection of online courses to see what’s available. Those most commonly used for dual-enrollment are:

When are classes available?

Our courses are organized into four sessions (A, B, C, D) within each semester (see detailed explanation). To see when classes are scheduled, please review the Fall, Spring, and Summer schedules, keeping in mind that these may reflect the previous year’s courses if the next schedule has not yet been finalized.

If you have 5+ students who will be enrolled in a specific course and you contact us with sufficient advance notice, we will likely be able to schedule any of our courses in any of the sessions that you would like. Please contact us for more information.

Who teaches these classes?

The outstanding faculty who teach for Maranatha Online possess graduate degrees with extensive coursework in the field they teach. However, we hold our faculty to a higher standard than that. Each must also affirm our Statement of Faith and be an active member in a Baptist church of like faith and practice (details). Please take a few minutes to peruse some of their biographies.

How much does it cost?

The cost to your school is $0 (provided you already have internet access). High school students receive an automatic tuition discount in excess of 50%, paying just $175 per credit. Please see Tuition and Refunds for current pricing information.

How does billing work?

You have two options with billing:

  1. We will bill students individually, and they will be responsible for paying us directly for the full amount of a course at least one week prior to its start.
  2. Bulk billing. You can elect to pay the tuition and fees for all of your students, where we will bill you (not the student). You can then collect this from students in whatever way works best for your setting. Please contact us for more information.

How will this look in practice at my school?

Since every school and situation is different, please contact Maranatha Online (920-206-2323 or online@mbu.edu) for a personalized consultation. We would love to hear from you!