Fast Forward, dual enrollment

What is Fast Forward?

Fast Forward Dual Enrollment is your opportunity to complete a course, a year, or even an associate's degree at Maranatha during high school while saving time and money!

Maranatha students look forward to a lifetime of ministry. Fast Forward your goals and complete an entire year of college while doing dual enrollment in high school. Start your ministry sooner, lighten your residential academic load, allow time for athletics, arts, or work. No matter your reason, you’ll save more than 50% on tuition when you dual enroll in college and high school, paying just $175 per credit. That's like a huge, guaranteed scholarship. And, when you live at home during your first year of college, you also save on room and board.

Maranatha Online offers more than 200 classes. Take dual enrollment classes now to prepare yourself for the challenges of campus life, and get the foundational knowledge to move quickly into your major. If you decide to complete your degree elsewhere, Maranatha's regional accreditation gives our credits the "gold standard" of transferability.

If you're wondering how to get a head start on college, the better question is, "Why not start with Maranatha Online now?"

Why Fast Forward?

Save Time & Money

High school students receive a tuition discount of more than 50% on college classes (only $175 per credit) and do not pay room and board fees. The total savings on your freshman year of college can amount to around $13,000!

Graduating college a year sooner also means that you can move on into your career or graduate school a year sooner. Moving on into the ministry that God has for you and having an extra year of income makes these classes worth it even more.

Complete Your Entire First Year Online

By now, you're probably thinking something like, "Alright, I'm sold on the value. Now what?" Check out our page on completing the first year of each of our majors online. From Nursing and Biology to Elementary Education and Pastoral Studies, you'll find the plans there.

Student Testimonial

"I have greatly enjoyed the atmosphere of Christian love that fills Maranatha Online, and it has helped me reach my education goals. Thanks to Maranatha Online, I will have dozens of credits by time I formally start college this next fall. High school was going very rough for me, as my mother and I struggled to continue my homeschool education into advanced courses. Maranatha Online, with its homeschool friendly system, saved my high school and enabled me to continue receiving Christian education that was also academically rigorous. I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for discovering the very friendly and workable world of Maranatha Online."

~David (Maranatha Online High School Student)

Fast Forward now!

Step #1- Fill out the Online Guest Student Application.

Step #2- Take classes to complete a year of college.

Step #3- Come to Maranatha's campus with a high school diploma, your freshman year completed, and $13,000 more in your pocket!

Step #4- Graduate college a year sooner.