High School Discount


What if you took 15 credits online before attending college–basically, one semester of courses?  You’d save over $7,000!


If you’re a high school junior or senior, you will automatically receive a discount of 50% off the tuition for each college course you take online. These courses can be transferred to another college or used at Maranatha.

 How High School Discounts Work

  • Once you receive one discount for a class, you are pre-approved to use the same discount for another course, provided the course has class openings. You will forfeit the discount for the next class, if you receive lower than a C- in the previous course and will need to reapply for the discount.
  • Discounts may be applied for any course up until July 15 after you graduate from high school. (The class may finish after July 15, but you need to be enrolled in it and have paid for it by the 15th.)

Note: If you have not paid for the course within one week prior to the first day of class, you might lose your seat in the course. (See refunds and financial policies.)

List of Online Courses

Parent Testimonial

“Our daughter had dual-credited online classes with MBU for a year prior to being on campus. Just wanted to commend you on that program, down to every detail,  has been a great experience.

Exceptional teachers, great online system, amazing staff from the online dept. to the teachers, and a great way to get ready for college transition.

Thank you!”