Save Time & Money With Maranatha Online

Ben Coronado completed his freshman year of college while still in high school and saved about $6,000 with Maranatha Online. Enroll today to do the same. Classes begin on January 12, 2016. 


When Ben Coronado began planning for college, he knew he wanted the traditional Christian college experience. Dorm life, sports, fine arts, and campus relationships were all important to him. But so was graduating on time—or better yet, a year early.

Toward the end of his junior year in high school, a friend introduced him to Fast Forward, a dual enrollment program for high school juniors and seniors through Maranatha Online. Through Fast Forward, high school students take college classes and earn credits for college and high school at the same time.

“Ben was interested in the idea of starting college as a sophomore and spending only three years in college,” shared Amanda Warren, media and marketing specialist for Maranatha Online. “When he found that Maranatha had a dual enrollment program, it only made sense to take the classes here that provided the biblical worldview he desired in his college education.”

Coronado graduated from high school in June 2014, and in September of the same year, he moved into a dorm at Maranatha Baptist University as a college sophomore enrolled in the Pastoral Studies major. He was ahead a full year, with many of his prerequisites behind him, thanks to completing Maranatha Online courses during high school.

“Above everything in my high school career, Maranatha Online has been the most beneficial, because it prepared me the most for college,” shared Coronado. “I learned how to organize my time, get projects done, and cope with the academic workload of college.”

Fast Forward provides an excellent way to lighten a future class load or graduate early. And it also allows high school students to complete an entire year or more of college at a significantly lower cost.

“The savings are impressive,” stated Warren. “With tuition rates increasing all across the country, saving thousands of dollars on even just one year of college makes a huge difference. It makes dual enrollment the smarter choice, not just the shorter choice.”

In fact, Coronado completed his freshman year at half the cost of tuition, because Maranatha Online provides a 50 percent discount to high school juniors and seniors—a savings of about $6,000. And the 50 percent discount extends through the summer, until the start of the fall semester.

If you are a high school junior or senior, you are eligible to Fast Forward your college experience like Coronado. Classes are offered in 8 week sessions, with more than 100 classes available every semester.

Contact us today see how we can help you complete your first year of college during high school.