Christina Miller’s Story

Do you want to pursue a graduate degree but worry that a university won’t accept you as a student based on your non-accredited undergraduate degree?Christina Miller

Christina Miller was a student like this. Having earned 125 credits at an unaccredited university, she needed only 30 credits to graduate with a degree from Maranatha and found the flexibility of Maranatha’s Online Interdisciplinary Studies program the perfect fit to her busy life as a mother of three. In a short time, she completed the credits needed to graduate, earning her degree this past spring. She immediately applied to graduate school, a special education program at the University of North Dakota.

When she called the University of North Dakota to find out if she had been accepted as a student, she discovered that the Dean of Graduate Studies was originally hesitant to accept her because of her large number of unaccredited credit hours—until he realized that her degree was actually issued by Maranatha, a school with regional accreditation.

Christina relates, “According to my department head, had I not graduated from MBBC, the dean would have denied my application for acceptance. In essence, my regionally accredited degree from Marantha is what saved me!”

For many students in similar situations, enrolling in Maranatha’s Online Interdisciplinary Studies degree can help accomplish their long-term goal of attending graduate school.

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