Plugged In

James Mielke had been given a unique opportunity—to work as a camera operator for an entire week, video recording a Bible prophecy conference in Canada. The only problem was school, specifically his Maranatha Online classes.

As it turned out, this was no problem at all.

“I was able to work ahead a whole week,” said Mielke, a homeschooled high school senior from Milltown, WI. “The great thing about online learning is super flexibility.”

Digital Media TM 02Maranatha Online is indeed a super-flexible learning option for high school students who want to save money and get a head start on college by earning credits before they even arrive on campus. High school juniors and seniors can be awarded a scholarship of up to 50 percent of Maranatha Online’s tuition. When college tuition costs, room and board, and fees are totaled, students will find they can save thousands of dollars through distance education. That’s one reason why Maranatha Online’s high school enrollment grew about 75 percent from 2009- 10 to 2010-11.

The most popular courses for high school students during the 2010-11 academic year were Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, English Composition I, and The Modern World—all required classes for graduation from Maranatha. Those who took these classes online found themselves ahead of their freshman counterparts when they arrived on campus.

More adventurous students could have registered for General Psychology, Ancient Civilizations, Basic Music Literature, Microsoft Access, Astronomy, or Introduction to Sociology during the Fall 2011 sessions.

Online learning can be an adventure in itself. Students are able to interact with their professors and fellow students through class discussion forums and video conferencing.

“I really enjoyed the video lectures and the personal interaction,” Mielke said.

“I liked meeting people from all different places,” said another online high school student.

The flexibility of scheduling allows students to watch classes at a time convenient for them, then complete homework at a time that also works for them.

“I liked how was I was able to do work at any time I wanted and just had to have things turned in by midnight,” high school student Timothy Aurand said.

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