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Keep Your Heart

“Keep Your Heart” is a daily invitation for you to meditate on God’s deliverance, His protection, His patience, and His presence as you experience life’s joys and trials.

Maranatha Baptist Seminary presents “Keep Your Heart.”

Be encouraged by the students of Maranatha Baptist Seminary as they share insights and lessons learned while pursuing their graduate degrees. Some students are just getting started; others are nearing the end of their studies. But all are immersed in the process of “keeping their hearts” by studying God’s Word and applying it to their lives.

You may read several entries here.

Meet Dr. Oats

Dr. Oats, Dean of the Maranatha Baptist Seminary, shares, “Maranatha Baptist Seminary is pleased to announce the publication of the first series of devotionals by the students of the seminary, ‘Keep Your Heart.’

Seminary students usually write lengthy, technical, and complicated research papers. At the same time, they are also learning to write short, simple, straightforward devotionals of common interest.

Some of our students are from strong Bible backgrounds with undergraduate Bible training and now seminary instruction. Others have come from secular backgrounds and are just beginning formal theological education. Whatever their background and whatever the level of their writing skills, our students desire to be a blessing to you through this new book.”

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