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Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
DLE806 Theology of Leadership On Campus or Virtual On your computer M-F 8:30AM-3:30PM 4 DMI 800
DPA805 Small Group Communication and Evangelization in the Local Church On Campus or Virtual On your computer M-F 4 DMI 800
GBC580 Biblical Counseling Seminar Off-Site Spring Semester 1 week in February 2 GBC 503 Methods of Biblical Change or its equivalent
GBS701 Thesis 1 OM302 1
GBS702 Thesis 2 OM302 2
GCC 590 Seminar in Intercultural Studies OM304 2
GCC502 Theological Issues in Missions Online Summer Odd 2019 Online Onilne 3
GCC504 Church Planting OM306 2
GCC510 Advanced Linguistics OM299 3
GCC570 Intercultural Internship With Approved Supervior on a Foreign Field Student Arranged 12 week period Student arranged 12 week period 2
GCC780 I think it is GCC 590 Seminar in Intercultural Studies OM305 2
GHI721 History of Baptist Theology DC116 3
GHI780 Graduate Seminar in History DC117 3
GNT642 Exegesis and Exposition of Paul's Epistles Email for more information on this class TBD TBD 3
GNT742 Exegesis & Exposition of Prison Epistles Email for more information on this class TBD TBD 3
GNT780 New Testament Seminar OM357 3
GOT532 Exposition of Daniel OM389 3
GOT720 Messianic Prophecy Online 3
GOT780 Old Testament Seminar Online 3
GOT790 Old Testament Introduction Online 3
GPA530 Philosophy of Ministry TBD TBD TBD 2
GPA531 Church Planting Online 2
GPA535 Advanced Small Groups Residential/Virtual Spring 2020 Thursday 4:30-6:20pm CST 2
GPA610 Building a Disciple-Making Ministry Online 2
GPA612 Pastoral Ethics Online 2
GPA615 Theology of Prayer and Worship Online 2
GPA618 Building a Church Missions Program Online 2
GPA720 Local Church and the Law Online 2
GPA780 Graduate Seminar in Preaching Online 2
GST600 Theological Systems Online 3
GST605 Logic for Theology 3
GST620 Contemporary Theology HR 3
GST630 Theology of Holiness HR 3
GST720 Reformation Theology HR 3
GST721 History of Baptist Theology HR 3
GST780 Graduate Seminar in Theology HR 3