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Roger Williams

Maranatha is pleased to offer a unique collection of Baptist Books on CD–the Roger Williams Heritage Archive–from the library of Richard C. Weeks (Maranatha’s first academic dean) through the ministry of Classic Baptist Books. You may purchase a copy, which will integrate with your Logos Bible Software.

This collection of many significant Baptist works–more than 100–are electronically searchable and have been carefully proofed and edited.

These works have either gone out of print, are in print but difficult to obtain, or of such significance that an electronically searchable edition would be a tremendous benefit.

Enjoy standards such as A History of the Baptists by Thomas Armitage (including all 161 pictures and portraits), A Concise History of the Baptists by G. H. Orchard, and works by David Benedict, John A. Broadus, Francis Wayland, J. B. Jeter, and others. Over two hundred short Baptist biographies with portraits are included.

The editors of the archives have endeavored to maintain the original appearance when converting the books to electronic format; they maintained the original page divisions and carefully proofed the texts.