Critically thinking about literature and writing

No matter what field you enter, communication and writing skills are important and highly sought after by employers. Maranatha’s English minor will expose you to enduring literary works and teach you to write more effectively, whether you write sermons, correspondence, books, magazine articles, or other forms of communication. Because of its emphasis on critical thinking and writing, English is also one of the best ways to prepare for graduate school. Maranatha’s English classes teach students to “approve things that are excellent” (Phil 1:10) and evaluate literature from a moral and biblical perspective. The English minor will immerse you in the wide world of literature, awaken your cultural awareness, and equip you to discern objective truth and beauty according to God’s standard.


Your potential career

  • Businessperson
  • Copy editor
  • Creative writer
  • Editor
  • English as a Second Language teacher
  • Journalist
  • Linguistic specialist
  • Literacy tutor
  • Literature specialist
  • Proofreader
  • Publisher


Required courses

American Masterpieces3
British Literature Survey: 1789 to Present3
British Literature Survey: 1789 to Present3
Advanced Writing3
Literary Criticism3
Advanced Grammar & Linguistics3
Adolescent Literature3
Teaching English3
Composition and Literature3
Technical Writing3
Classical Literature3
Colonial American Literature3
World Literature3
Creative Writing3
Romantic Literature3
Renaissance Literature3
Topics in Literature3
History of the English Language3
20th Century Literature3