What would you like to know about the Cedarholm Library? See below for everything you could ever want to know!

When We’re Open

The first step in visiting or calling the library is making sure it’s open. We make that information easy to find on our Library Hours page.

Contact Us

Maybe you have a question you need answered by library staff. But you can’t remember our phone number or e-mail address. Don’t worry! Our Contact Us page gives you all the details you’re looking for.

Find Your Way Around the Library

Have you always wondered where to find the biblical Greek section in the library? Or maybe you wonder where the computer section is. Discover the different sections in the library by using our Library Layout page.


And we all love rules. But even if we don’t, we all need them in some form or another to survive in this world. The library has a few rules of its own — we call them policies. See our Library Policies to make sure you’re on the right side of the law of the land in the library!

Our Roots

Have you even been around a table with your friends and experienced that awkward silence? No one knows what to say next. Say goodbye to that awkward silence forever! Brush up on your Cedarholm Library history trivia on the Library History page. Your friends will thank you.